Presenting the cheque in Kigali

Hansgrohe SE is committed

to a children's aid project in Rwanda

Hansgrohe SE and its workforce have donated 50,000 euros to children in East Africa, or to be more exact: to the humanitarian initiative “Kinder brauchen Frieden” e.V. The Black Forest company also donated mixers. The voluntary association used money and products for a school's new toilet facilities. The extension was initiated in November 2014: in the “Village de la Paix”, a children's village for war and AIDS orphans in Kigali, Rwanda's biggest city.

A small donation to AIDS and war orphans in Rwanda

Hansgrohe employees have shown great willingness to donate to aid projects over the years. In 2014 their donation went towards helping the children of Rwanda. “With the monetary donation and the basin mixers, we can do a lot of good without being hampered by bureaucracy”, said Stefan Krischak, Chairman of the Hansgrohe SE Works Council. The cheque, which he presented to “Kinder brauchen Frieden” together with Head of Human Resources Thomas Egenter, came to 45 million Rwandan francs.

A new sanitary building in the “Village of Peace”

Drikus Willemse, Market Developer at Hansgrohe's South African subsidiary, presented the cheque on site in late October 2014. Shortly afterwards, the primary school in the children's village was extended to include a separate toilet block. Drikus Willemse stressed the importance of this kind of involvement in Kigali: “Giving children a new future means providing a country with a new future. With our products and our water expertise, we are also doing our bit to improve the students' living conditions over the long term.”

Get involved to help Rwandan children!
It is the stated aim of the association Kinder brauchen Frieden to guarantee aid to those who are directly affected. In 1996, two years after the civil war ended in Rwanda, the association made plans to secure a better future for orphans in the region. In 2000, in cooperation with the foundation “Wirtschaft hilft Hungernden” (German Economic Foundation for Humanitarian Help), a home was opened for 100 boys and girls in Kigali. In the “Village de la Paix” children can live independently and with dignity, and receive medical care along with food, clothing and education.

Children in the washhouse

Rwandan boys at the new wash basins in Kigali. ©Kinder brauchen Frieden e.V.

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