Inspection tour with customs authorities at the ISH in Frankfurt am Main


The original knows no mercy for product pirates

Hansgrohe SE discovers counterfeit products at the ISH in Frankfurt am Main during an inspection tour with customs authorities

Hansgrohe SE has actively fought against plagiarism since the 1990s and has a reputation for being relentless when it comes to protecting its proprietary rights. ISH 2015, the world’s biggest trade fair for the sanitation and bathroom industry, is the venue where every two years Hansgrohe SE makes a concerted effort to seek out counterfeits. The mixer and shower specialist from the Black Forest has repeatedly discovered counterfeit products at this fair on joint inspections together with customs authorities.

During this year’s inspection with customs officers and patent lawyers at the ISH in Frankfurt, Hansgrohe SE again spotted thirteen violations of its proprietary rights. It lodged complaints and had two products confiscated.“ It is relatively easy for us to spot counterfeits at trade fairs,” Carmen Vetter explained. As director of the Proprietary Rights Department, she can immediately identify infringements and was present when the goods were confiscated. “At the fair, we can closely examine products and catalogues. With our continued presence at trade fairs over the years we have delivered a clear message. But we know this is just the tip of the iceberg. The only way we can discover counterfeit products that don’t find their way to a trade fair is by keeping a close watch on the market across the globe. So we have to raise awareness at all levels within the company to successfully safeguard our rights.”

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