The design process of the Hansgrohe Rainmaker Select overhead showers



From idea to award-winning shower

A glimpse at Hansgrohe and Phoenix Design’s creative process

In the 1970s, design found its way into the bathroom. During this time, bathrooms increasingly became living spaces and oases of relaxation. The Schiltach-based sanitation specialist Hansgrohe and its partner Phoenix Design played a defining role in shaping this transformation, and the two companies from Germany’s southwest have been working together successfully ever since. They collaborate in developing products that are an intelligent synthesis of design, function and convenience. Over the years, Phoenix Design has created icons of bathroom design for the Hansgrohe brand. “Most people today still mistakenly see design as related solely to aesthetics. Our approach is to focus on the people for whom we make the products. In doing so, we never neglect functionality,” says Tom Schönherr, Managing Director of Phoenix Design.

“We very carefully analyse how consumers use products, and identify any changes in their needs. Even though many well designed mixers, thermostats and showers are already available, we are constantly looking to make changes for the better,” says Tom Schönherr as he explains the first steps in the design process. “In developing the Hansgrohe Rainmaker Select overhead showers we have created a new generation of products with easy-to-use and convenient features that delight our customers.”



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