Axor products in the Paris Design Hotel Les Bains

Copyright: Paul Raeside


Sleep where the nights never ended

Axor bathroom mixers in the Paris Design Hotel Les Bains

In Paris of the 80s if you wanted to party as if there were no tomorrow, you headed for Les Bains Douches. The club was famous for its hedonistic parties. Now the legend is back in a new guise – as one of the world’s most exciting design hotels. The owner of the new Les Bains may have dropped the ‘Douches’ as part of the venue’s name, but Axor showers and bathroom furnishings are an exquisite feature of the new hotel.

The interior designers selected a line of high-end Axor brand fittings for the bathrooms. Washbasins, washbasin mixers and shower pipes are all from the Axor Bouroullec collection, which befits the history of Les Bains like no other line. The design by the French brothers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec is based on the idea of flexibility and individuality. The shelves flow seamlessly into one another, sometimes even on various levels, and offer ample space for toiletries. Delicate organic shapes give the mixers an understated design language that blends well with the overall interior design.



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