Children playing by the fountain at Hansgrohe.

Work, leisure time and family: we help you reconcile these

Great ideas to help your (working) life flourish

As an employer, Hansgrohe ensures that both family and leisure time are given the attention that they deserve. We aim to offer you flexible working hours and an ideal work/life balance. We have created a wide variety of projects and initiatives to enable our employees to juggle family and work.

Benefits we offer to help you reconcile work, leisure time and family

Mobile work
Flexibility is a familiar concept for us, and one which forms an important basis for an ideal work/life balance. This is why we take your individual lifestyle into account by offering appropriate working hours models and part-time jobs. We also offer the option of working from home, with work-at-home jobs.
Hansgrohe holiday programme
During the Whitsun and summer holidays, plenty of fun is on the agenda for the children of our employees. With its range of fun-packed themes, the long-established Hansgrohe holiday programme makes for happy children – and relieved parents.
Hansgrohe social counselling
We provide assistance to our employees in all situations through Hansgrohe's extensive social counselling services. Please don't hesitate to use this point of contact if you are in a difficult situation. Services range from assistance with problems at work or in your private life, through to the provision of personalised solutions to care for children and dependent relatives. Our company's social counsellor will be happy to provide you with information, advice and support and, of course, is obliged to comply with confidentiality. Hansgrohe will pay the costs for you.
Flexible working hours
Since May 2015, core time has been abolished at Hansgrohe. Therefore our goal is to grant our employees greater flexibility in arranging their working hours. Specified service hours or shift work remain in existence so as not to jeopardise internal processes and procedures.

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