Hansgrohe Water Symposium

Up-to-date information and exciting ideas focusing on the vital resource of water

Hansgrohe regularly invites international experts to its company headquarters for talks, workshops and discussions. During the Symposium at the Hansgrohe Aquademie, everything in Schiltach revolves around water, a fascinating element which is most definitely worth protecting. The sanitation specialist sets its sights far beyond the boundaries of the sanitation industry. The Hansgrohe Water Symposium is constantly defining new priority topics. The focus is always on this valuable resource, with the speakers contemplating the social significance of water. Last but not least, the water-related events introduce visionary concepts for both experiencing and using water.

Sascha Lobo, Günther H. Oettinger.

How can masses of digital data be turned into groundbreaking,future-oriented solutions? In Schiltach, experts discussed the clever networking of smart data and water-related issues.

Logo for the competition “Wasser im Netz”
The focus was on finding creative concepts for linking smart data with the experience of water. The best creative minds won valuable prizes.
Hand in the water, Hansgrohe Water Symposium.
Ever since the Hansgrohe Water Symposium was launched in 2008, international experts have been regularly meeting up at the company headquarters in Schiltach.

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