Hansgrohe consumer survey on kitchen habits shows that globally, 79% of people are cooking more complex or new dishes than ever before.


Competitive Cooking Leading to Global Kitchen Meltdown

Globally more people than ever are cooking complex or new dishes but these culinary ambitions are creating challenges in the kitchen

Globally, 79% of people are cooking more complex or new dishes than ever before, but our kitchens are struggling with the strain with a survey from Hansgrohe revealing 98% of people feel their kitchens are unable to cope.

New pressure heights in the kitchen
The rise in competitive cooking globally is driven by home chefs wanting to keep up with celebrity chefs (45%) and a desire to impress friends and family with a quarter of people surveyed admitting to being driven by the aspiration to show off their cooking skills socially. With 40% of people entertaining guests at least once a month and a quarter of people entertaining twice a month, it is no wonder that home chefs are finding their kitchen environments stressful. 59% of people across the globe find entertaining guests adds pressure to their kitchen.

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