Sporty employees.

Promotion of grassroots sport

We sponsor sporting events and promote the health of our employees.

Sport and refreshing water go hand in hand: which is why the hansgrohe shower trucks, or mobile showers, are a welcome guest at numerous sporting events. Whether at running events, cycle races or sports tournaments outdoors – this mobile refreshment facility, which houses innovative hansgrohe showers for up to 20 people, is a highlight behind the finish line or on the pitch. We therefore promote the enjoyment of recreational sports, regional competitions and events by making hansgrohe showering enjoyment accessible.

Promotion of grassroots sport at the Hansgrohe sites

Sport sponsorship has multiple significance for the Hansgrohe Group: social commitment and promoting the capabilities of our employees are of equal importance. The appeal to new target groups and image building associated with the promotion of grassroots sport also strengthens the market position of hansgrohe and its products. Which is why the global player from the Black Forest sponsors grassroots sport at its national and international sites, for example through agreements with local sports clubs.

Hansgrohe health management programme

Our employees accomplish a lot for us. The Hansgrohe health management programme offers wide-ranging adjustments which can easily be integrated into everyday working life. Programmes for a healthier lifestyle, involving plenty of exercise and a balanced diet, as well as advice on ergonomics in the workplace all play a key role here. Lots of health-promoting activities take place at the company’s in-house fitness and wellness centre or are linked to sporting events in the region. An annual HansFit! day dealing with the issues of ergonomics, exercise, physical health and nutrition is aimed at trainees and students.


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