Two blatant copies (right) of AXOR and hansgrohe taps: AXOR Starck V glass tap and the hansgrohe tap Metris Classic

Copyright: Aktion Plagiarius e.V. (left originals, right copies)


Plagiarius 2017: Two Blatant Copies of AXOR and hansgrohe Taps Receive Prize

Hansgrohe SE continues to fight against product piracy

The negative “Plagiarius” prize initiated by design Professor Rido Busse was awarded for the 41st time at an international press conference in Frankfurt on 10 February 2017 at “Ambiente”, the largest trade fair for consumer goods. A total of 27 products were submitted; the jury awarded three main prizes, as well as seven ‘honourable’ mentions. Two blatant copies of AXOR and hansgrohe taps were among the winning products: the transparent AXOR Starck V glass tap designed in collaboration with Philippe Starck, and the hansgrohe tap Metris Classic by Phoenix Design. Minister of State Boris Rhein of the Hessen State Ministry for Higher Education, Research and the Arts held the congratulatory speech for the award winners. The Plagiarius award winners 2017 will be presented at the Plagiarius Museum in Solingen after the “Ambiente” trade fair closes.

Resolute Action against Plagiarism

“Brands and products that are particularly successful in the market, as in the case of the AXOR Starck V glass tap and the hansgrohe Metris Classic tap, are always the ones to be imitated or copied,” emphasises Carmen Vetter, Head of the Proprietary Rights Department at Hansgrohe SE. “It is all the more important to continue to fight against product piracy. This award strengthens our position and raises awareness of the importance of proprietary rights, even in China, and hopefully it sends a clear message. In any case, Hansgrohe will continue to be relentless in its fight against product piracy, including taking legal action – in Europe, as well as in China and the rest of the world,” adds Vetter.

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