Solar tower at Hansgrohe's Offenburg plant.

There’s a long tradition of environmental protection at Hansgrohe. Photovoltaic installations have been generating electricity since the early 1990s – long before society and lawmakers made them standard practice.

Group-wide environmental protection

High environmental standards around the globe

There's a long tradition of environmental protection at Hansgrohe. The company appointed a Waste Management Officer back in the late 1980s. Shortly after, in the early 1990s, Hansgrohe constructed photovoltaic installations on the rooftops of its production facilities and the famous solar tower – long before society and lawmakers made them standard practice.
Even today, the Hansgrohe Group organises its production facilities based on ecological principles. The Group’s environmental protection meets high standards and is continually being optimised. All processes are sustainably conceived. Resource-friendly technologies are used wherever possible.

Environmental protection at Hansgrohe

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The Hansgrohe Group constantly invests in efficient buildings and sophisticated infrastructure. Not only does this guarantee top-quality products and delivery performance, it also protects the environment.

During the manufacturing process in particular, the bathroom and kitchen specialists avoid the unnecessary consumption of materials, water and energy. But that’s not all: ideas for improvement are always welcome, because environmental protection is an ongoing process. The Hansgrohe employees regularly come up with some valuable ideas – during shop floor meetings with the Executive Board, for example. This enables the “Green Company” to increase raw material and energy efficiency throughout the company, as well as reducing waste and adverse environmental impacts.

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