“We have never considered design as an end in itself,” explains Jan Heisterhagen, Vice President of Product Management, Hansgrohe SE.


“Design Is Far More Than a Product’s Outer Shell”

World Design Day recognises the work of designers and graphic artists

World Design Day has been celebrated on 27 April every year since 2006. This day recognises the work of designers and graphic artists, which is present everywhere in daily life – when taking a shower in the morning (showerhead), at breakfast (coffee mug, kitchen clock or kitchen tap) and on our way to work (car). Over time, exceptional, iconic designs become classics and an intrinsic part of everyday life – which shows how important aesthetic design is.

Driver of International Success
Design contributes considerably to the company’s international success, which is why World Design Day is of special significance to the globally active fixture and shower specialist Hansgrohe SE. “Today, design is a must and involves far more than a product’s outer shell. Good design is always the result of a process that makes use of technological possibilities to achieve a maximum degree of aesthetic and functional quality. This makes design a hallmark of quality, a core value embedded in the corporate culture of the Hansgrohe Group – and the reason behind the success of our branded products in a competitive global market,” says Jan Heisterhagen, Vice President of Product Management at Hansgrohe SE.

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