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Supplier management system

How do we optimally manage relations with our suppliers?

We consider it extremely important for our suppliers to be closely involved with the Hansgrohe company. This also applies to the electronic support given in the procurement process stages.
The following functions and tools support both you and us in this:

The Hansgrohe Portal
If you are already one of our suppliers, you can access the Hansgrohe Portal here.
Please note that data is not accessible during system maintenance times at the weekend! To access the data, you need a user ID.

Drawing-related request for quotation
Market demands for innovative products with increasingly shorter launch phases are forcing us to explore new avenues in procurement.
Therefore Hansgrohe SE uses the internet platform Pool4Tool for the "Drawing-related requests for quotation" process. Progressive globalisation of market places makes it possible for us and our suppliers to receive and submit requests and quotations in realtime, enabling these to be comparable.

The request for quotation process is made up of five steps:

  • You receive an e-mail with the relevant access information (internet link, user name and password)
  • Contractual content 
  • General framework conditions 
  • Submission of quote 
  • Send back the request for quotation

For more information about Pool4Tool, please contact the following people:

Team CMS - Methods & Services
Phone: + 49 7836 51-1980

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