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Our quality assurance measures

Hansgrohe Quality Management takes many steps to ensure that product quality remains consistently high. From development to completion of a ready-for-delivery product, the following applies: All components are systematically subjected to various tests. This ensures that sourced materials meet the stipulated requirements and that the customers receive products that are in perfect condition. 


If any material does not come up to the required standard during routine checks throughout the production process, it will be removed from the production line. If production is seriously disrupted, a notice of defects regarding the material in question will be sent to the supplier. Hansgrohe Quality Management then requests that the supplier implements stoppage or preventive measures. We use a specific template for this: the 8D report. You will find this in the download area at the bottom of this page.

Special release request

If a supplier notices that a material does not satisfy all the requirements before it is delivered, but its suitability has not been established, he can request a special release for the material concerned. In this case, colleagues in Hansgrohe Quality Assurance will examine the suitability of the material and take a decision as regards the request. To request a special release, please use the following template.

Request for Deviation

In order to guarantee a quick first sampling process (according to initial sampling inspection report ISIR / PPAP) detected deviations can be submitted in advance to the design engineer responsible using a request for deviation.

The advantage is that the deviations will be systematically recorded and archived as well as a smooth sampling process.

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