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How do I become a Hansgrohe supplier?

Are you able to meet our high expectations and would you like to work with us as a partner? Then register here. In order for us to be able to assess you quickly and efficiently, please submit your supplier profiles to us completed in full – containing your most up-to-date data.

Your registration is completed using the internet platform POOL4TOOL. 

This is how you become a Hansgrohe supplier:

  1. Register (see right). You will then receive an email from POOL4TOOL containing your access data. We now need further information from you.
  2. Fill out our "Small supplier profile". This is automatically sent to our technical purchasers (depending on product category/categories).
  3. Once the purchaser responsible has approved the small profile, POOL4TOOL sends you another email. This contains a link to the "Extensive supplier profile".
  4. Please now fill out the extensive profile and submit it.
  5. Our purchaser checks it and the system emails you the final approval.
  6. Once you have registered successfully and received both approvals and an appraisal, Hansgrohe then considers you in case of requests for quotation (RFQs) and for new projects.

Do you need any help?
If so, please contact us by e-mail.

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