All BORA – hansgrohe riders have made showering part of their regeneration and recovery.


Meet the beauty of water following top athletic performance

hansgrohe reveals how cycling pros achieve deep relaxation at the 2017 Vuelta a España

On Monday, 4 September 2017, the UCI World Tour team BORA – hansgrohe is enjoying a well-deserved day of rest at the end of the second racing week of the final Grand Tour of the season. Their plan: to relax and recover before the start of the last third of the 2017 Spanish tour. The riders make use of the day to recharge their batteries and meet the beauty of water in their hansgrohe showers. The premium brand for showers, shower systems and bathroom and kitchen taps, hansgrohe, reveals how the flow of water helps athletes achieve the most refreshing form of relaxation and gives insights into the showering habits of the Vuelta a España pros.

The cycling pros’ showering habits

Even cycling pros seek to relax on their rest days—and offer advice for effective regeneration in the shower. A survey conducted by hansgrohe summarises the riders’ most important tips. They all agree on the first point: the shower is essential to relaxation after a strenuous race or training session. The body can wind down in the shower following extraordinary athletic performance, such as a Vuelta stage. The riders take pleasure in re-energizing and thinking while enjoying the shower’s gentle drops of water. But they don’t all have the same habits: Rafal Majka appreciates a warm shower to loosen up his tense muscles after the rigors of a race, while Cesare Benedetti prefers cold water, especially if it’s hot outside, as is usually the case during the Vuelta a España.

For more advice and showering tips on optimal regeneration following athletic activities / sports, visit the BORA – hansgrohe Lifestyle Blog.

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