The tips will help you choose from a range of showerheads and find the one that best fits your needs.


The Showerhead of Your Dreams: How to Find the Right One

Seven tips to help you choose the right showerhead

When it comes to taking a shower, everyone has their own preferences. But regardless of whether you like your showers cold or warm, short or long, in the morning or the evening, what is really important is the showerhead. Showerhead manufacturers offer many different models so that you can find the one that is just right for you; be it for a bathroom in a rental flat or a complete bathroom remodel. The showerhead is only a small change, but it can provide a totally new shower experience. Here are seven tips on what to pay attention to when selecting the right showerhead:

Round, Square, Modern or Classic?
You can achieve a particularly elegant look if the design of the showerhead matches the taps.

Overhead Showers Optimal for Daily Hair Washing:
Alternatively, you can opt for a handheld shower – or simply install both.

Water from all Sides:
True shower fans go for extra-large overhead, waterfall and side showers.

A Gentle Shower Rain or a Cascading Waterfall:
Many of today’s showers feature adjustable jet types.

Multifunctional Thermostat:
ShowerTablets control water temperature and volume while doubling as a convenient shower shelf.

Easy Installation:
Showerpipes are mounted directly onto the wall – convenient for complete or partial renovation projects.

Save Water Thanks to Air:
Modern technologies enrich each droplet with air, resulting in reduced water consumption.

P.S.: Can you imagine a shower without a wall bar? This indispensable helper was invented by Hans Grohe in 1953. Today, it is a standard fixture in bathrooms around the world.

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