Melanie Chaloupka is the acoustics expert at Hansgrohe, the bathroom specialist from the Black Forest

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Quality Made by Hansgrohe: The Sound of Water Perfected

The bathroom specialists at the Hansgrohe spray research lab also work at creating the perfect acoustic water experience

Schiltach, January 2018. In the automotive industry, acoustics experts have long been important members of every development team. They ensure that an engine sounds just right and that the car doors make a pleasantly solid sound when they close. Melanie Chaloupka is the perfect listener at the Schiltach-based bathroom specialist Hansgrohe. “I contribute to making sure our products provide an experience with water that people can enjoy with all their senses, including the sense of hearing,” the process engineer says. The perfect sound of water flowing from a shower head or mixer should not be too loud or make unpleasant noises. According to Chaloupka, “Acoustic performance is one of the inner workings of a mixer or shower head and an indicator of the product’s quality.”

The goal is to obtain Sound Power Level I certification

So-called structure-borne sound test benches help optimise acoustic performance. “We carry out standardised tests to obtain certification for our products,” Melanie Chaloupka explains. These tests focus mainly on noises that can be heard in neighbouring rooms when the bathroom shower or tap is running. The product then receives certification depending on noise levels: Noise Classification I, II or U (unclassified). “The goal is to obtain Classification I.” The sound made by a shower head in this class is as quiet as the slight rustle of leaves in a forest.

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