Besser als Wasser. Der AirPower-Mix aus Wasser und Luft sorgt für sparsamen Verbrauch und mehr Streicheleinheiten für die Haut.


And How Do You Shower? Sustainably!

Saving water made easy with products by hansgrohe

We all love to take nice, long showers. But, it is becoming more and more important that we use our precious water resources in an environmentally conscious manner, particularly in view of climate change. Products by the brand hansgrohe offer solutions to effectively save water and energy – without sacrificing comfort.

Saving Water in the Bathroom
hansgrohe’s EcoSmart technology can greatly reduce water consumption. Thanks to a special flow rate limiter and specifically designed spray jets, mixers and showers equipped with EcoSmart restrict water flow rate and use up to 60 percent less water than conventional products.
And not only do hansgrohe products save water, they also conserve energy. CoolStart technology automatically cuts energy costs because hot water flows only when it is really needed. That means that water is not heated unnecessarily, a process which is very energy intensive. This is good for the environment and saves money too.

Get more pleasure out of water while reducing water usage – this is made possible by hansgrohe’s AirPower. This technology mixes air into the water flow so that every droplet feels larger, plumper and softer. The power of air is used to save water: a substantial amount of air is sucked in through the shower’s spray disc and then mixed with the incoming water in the showerhead; thus enriched with air, the water is turned into a spray of plump, soft water droplets.

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