Another salmon for the river Kinzig: Hansgrohe stock campaign along the river.

Hansgrohe SE is committed

to the salmon stock in the Black Forest

Since 2008 Hansgrohe has been taking part in the "Salmon for the river Kinzig" campaign, initiated by the non-profit organisation Wanderfische Baden-Württemberg e.V. The goal of this organisation is the breeding and reintegration of salmon in the Black Forest Kinzig Valley. Stock campaigns are continually taking place near the company headquarters in Schiltach. This is where the river Kinzig offers the best living conditions for the salmon.

There was a major campaign in June 2009, for example: then 150 children released some 4,000 young fish into the river. The campaigns are deemed successful if the salmon use the river as a habitat on a permanent basis, come back to spawn and thus establish a population that can sustain itself within the next ten to 15 years.

And fish have actually returned into the Kinzig system. A fish stock survey in September 2010, which took place under the direction of a state fisheries supervisor, yielded an encouraging result. It brought to light a fantastic result along the salmon stocking route, beneath the Flößerwiese meadow in Schiltach.

A current fish stock survey shows that the salmon are coming back!

It looks like the young salmon which were stocked in 2009 and 2010, measuring approximately four to five centimetres, feel perfectly at home. Twenty-eight salmon measuring between 14 and 19 cm, and eleven salmon over 20 cm, were found within a stretch of around 80 metres. We can assume that the majority of the stocked salmon set out on their way to the sea back in June and July 2010.

The largest salmon was 26 centimetres long – a "premature" male. The stock survey, which was carried out by the Kinzig Valley Fly Fishing Association and volunteers from Hansgrohe SE, shows that the river Kinzig is ideal as a habitat for young fish.

This is testament to the good water quality outside the Hansgrohe plants, because these sophisticated fish are an excellent indicator of the quality of the ecosystem. Incidentally, the many other fish observed along the test route are also testament to this: from the small river and rainbow trout to the bullhead, which is on the red list of endangered animal and plant species. The large numbers of loach and the return of the grayling are further evidence of an intact fish habitat in Schiltach and the surrounding area.

Get involved in the fish stock campaign in the Black Forest

Take out a salmon sponsorship, and support the return of the salmon! For just five euros you can be part of it. Please send us an email and we will let you know the details.

“Salmon for the river Kinzig”:

We are once again providing a habitat for the migratory fish in our region.

The water quality at Hansgrohe's company headquarters in Schiltach is excellent.

Young and old alike can become actively involved in protecting the environment in their region.

The Kinzig Valley's healthy ecosystem: excellent living conditions for salmon

  • Salmon-breeding station of the organisation Wanderfische Baden-Württemberg e.V..
  • In 2009 more than 150 children released some 4,000 young fish into the river Kinzig.
  • Two children help release mini salmon into the river.
  • Former Hansgrohe Board Member Otto Schinle and grandchildren at the salmon stock campaign.
  • One more salmon for the river Kinzig: a stock campaign along the river.
  • Two proud volunteers at the salmon stock campaign.
  • Men from the Kinzig Valley Fly Fishing Association search for returnee fish.
  • Twenty-eight salmon between 14 and 19 cm and eleven over 20 cm were found at 80 metres.
  • A helper keeps a record of the current salmon stock in the Kinzig.

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