The Value of Water – Together for a Clean Future

Water Symposium 2022

A look into the future shows: We must rethink and change the way we use water. Our politics, our economy, our society – everything must adapt to protect our environment and our quality of life. The focus of the Water Symposium on September 16, 2022 is on joint engagement. Learn more about the program and register here.

Water Symposium 2022: Hansgrohe Group is committed to clean water.
Only with clean water can life be secured in the present and in the future.

Our Approach to Water: New Mindset and Actions Required

This is the 9th time that the Hansgrohe Group is hosting the Water Symposium. The aim of this year's event on September 16, 2022, is to provide food for thought and highlight approaches to solutions.

Questions to which the Water Symposium will provide answers:

  • How do we reduce energy consumption when using water?
  • How do we avoid water pollution?
  • How do we need to change our thinking?
  • How do a pioneering spirit and innovation get us there?
  • What ideas and concepts for the future do organizations, scientists & companies have?

Vivid presentations from science, administration and practice provide insights. Workshops complement the program.

Program and Speaker


In the morning, impulses from a wide variety of speakers await the audience, all of whom have one thing in common: Their commitment to a sustainable future and clean water.

Opening: Hansgrohe – Our Element: Water | Hans Jürgen Kalmbach, Chairman of the Executive Board, Hansgrohe SE

Keynote: Why do we need leaders to pursue sustainability? | Prof. Dr. Judith Walls, University of St. Gallen

Impulse 1: Why water? Water is the future! | Cindy Zollinger, Executive Board Member, Viva con Agua Switzerland

Impulse 2: Water protection – "Clean Danube" | Prof. Dr. Andreas Fath, Furtwangen University of Applied Sciences

Impulse 3: Regional water supply and securing water resources | Maik Zinser, Wasserversorgung Kleine Kinzig

Panel: The Value of Water. Working Together for a Clean Future.

Panel discussion participants


In the afternoon, the audience can dive deeper into individual topics and participate in one of the following workshops, depending on their own interests:


Sustainable Building | Led by Dr. Eike Messow, Sto SE

Climate protection in the bathroom – nice to have or really important? | Chair: Steffen Erath, Hansgrohe SE

Sustainable innovation management in companies | Chair: Prof. Dr. Claus Lang-Koetz, Pforzheim University

Water conservation in the region | Chair: Nikolaus Geiler, RegioWASSER e.V. 

Presentation of the workshop results

Closing: Hans Jürgen Kalmbach, Chairman of the Board Hansgrohe SE

Moderation: Susi Krauseneck
Music: Magnus Mehl Trio

Registration for the Water Symposium

Register for the Water Symposium by E-mail and let us know which workshop you would like to attend. Places are limited.

Send an E-mail to:

Time and Place 

The Water Symposium will begin at 9 a.m. on September 16, 2022. The event will end at 4:30 p.m. There will be time for a get- together afterwards.

The Water Symposium will take place within the Hansgrohe Aquademie. You can find us here:

Hansgrohe Aquademie
Auestraße 5-9
77761 Schiltach

We look forward to seeing you there!