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AXOR Showers 2019: Purist Design Combined with High-End Technology and Innovative Features

AXOR Expands its Range of Overhead Showers
Schiltach/Frankfurt, March 2019. Purist design, a fascinating water experience and flawless aesthetics: this is how AXOR presents its new overhead showers. With six round and six square models, the brand’s range of showers makes it possible to create complete AXOR bathrooms all the way into the shower. The clean, purist design with innovative features was developed in collaboration with Stuttgart-based Phoenix Design and is available starting in January 2019.

Pristine Purism

The 2019 AXOR range of overhead showers captivates with consistent purist design language. Striking: a rectangle or a circle defines the shape – from the overhead shower, to the shower arm and the matching thermostatic modules. The circular and rectangular design permeates the bathroom space with a majestic presence. Superbly crafted, the finely honed and polished edges of the high-quality metal plate are its defining stylistic features, which in combination with dynamic spray nozzles, emphasize the purist design. Enhanced with one of AXOR’s 15 FinishPlus surfaces, the products achieve additional radiance.

High-End Technology and Innovative Features

Crafted from high-quality metal, the spray plate of the 2jet model delivers two revolutionary spray types: the delicate PowderRain (flow rate: 16-20 l/minute), a wide spray which completely cocoons the body, and the new Intense PowderRain (flow rate: 15-18 l/minute), a more intensive, concentrated version of the popular spray type. The spray nozzles are visible only as long as the shower is in use; once the water is turned off, they retract into the spray plate. This makes the metal plate easy to clean. The spray plate can also be detached and reattached by means of a bayonet mount, so that it can be immersed in a descaling solution, for example. The integrated ServiceCard is also innovative: it can be removed and the shower filter cleaned by simply pressing a button.

“AXOR showers create a space for appreciation: their design, material and the way they set the stage for the precious element of water lend the shower setting a flawless appearance. Each individual product reflects this respect. This is the result of our uncompromising pursuit of perfection when it comes to design, craftsmanship and functionality,” explains Olivier Sogno, VP Brand Management, Hansgrohe SE.

About AXOR

AXOR develops, constructs and produces taps, showerheads and accessories for luxurious bathrooms and kitchens to perfection. At the highest aesthetic and technological levels, avantgarde, one-of-a-kind pieces and collections are created. Some of them are considered classics of bathroom design to this day. Collectively they embody the claim „Form Follows Perfection“: not ending the developmental process until nothing more can be added or removed. Pace-setting design objects have been developed with this recipe for more than 25 years with world-renowned designers, among them Philippe Starck, Antonio Citterio, Jean-Marie Massaud and Patricia Urquiola. AXOR is a brand of the Hansgrohe Group.


Astrid Bachmann
Deputy Lead Corporate Communications, Global PR AXOR