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AXOR Starck: The Anniversary of Visionary and Timeless Design

25 Years since the First Collection with Philippe Starck
Schiltach, July 2019. Launched in 1994, the AXOR Starck collection forever changed the market for design in the bathroom. With its radical simplicity and deep respect for water as the source of life, AXOR Starck is as relevant and successful today as ever. „Our product developers, our engineers and the entire design team could only guess the kind of relevance this collection would have for AXOR – the fact that this collection is an icon of bathroom design to this day, is due to its archetypical form and its uncompromising function“, comments Anke Sohn, Head of AXOR, Hansgrohe SE.

Five AXOR collections later and in celebration of AXOR Starck’s 25th anniversary, Philippe Starck sat down with AXOR to discuss the birth of an icon.

“It is a great honor for me to speak about water, because I love water, I live on water, I’m always close to water. Water is so beautiful that when you add materiality around it, the less beautiful it becomes. My idea was – and still is - simple: make a design that is deeply and structurally respectful of water.

I am not intelligent. I am not able nor am I interested to think about complicated things. But I have an instinct that tells me how to find the heart of the subject—the bone, the spine, the center. The AXOR Starck collection is all about that, all about the miracle and magic of water.

That’s why it is perhaps one of the best examples of a useful work with AXOR, where we shared the same clear vision of making a model and collection absolutely timeless—based on the right quality, right intelligence, right vision, right ergonomics.”
Philippe Starck

Read here the full interview with Philippe Starck for AXOR.

Vita: Philippe Starck

Perhaps the best-known and most influential of contemporary designers, Philippe Starck is driven by his concern for the planet and his vision of a better world. A free spirit, he is renowned for the depth and breadth of this talent. From speakers to chandeliers, motorcycles to mega-yachts, Starck seems to have done it all. The hotels he has designed have attained a cult-like status. His everyday objects are, in their way, no less spectacular than his fabulous interiors.

About AXOR

AXOR develops, constructs and produces taps, showerheads and accessories for luxurious bathrooms and kitchens to perfection. At the highest aesthetic and technological levels, avantgarde, one-of-a-kind pieces and collections are created. Some of them are considered classics of bathroom design to this day. Collectively they embody the claim „Form Follows Perfection“: not ending the developmental process until nothing more can be added or removed. Pace-setting design objects have been developed with this recipe for more than 25 years with world-renowned designers, among them Philippe Starck, Antonio Citterio, Jean-Marie Massaud and Patricia Urquiola. AXOR is a brand of the Hansgrohe Group.


Astrid Bachmann
Deputy Lead Corporate Communications, Global PR AXOR