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From Harsh Lighting to Foggy Mirrors – What Germans Find Most Annoying in Bathrooms

Hansgrohe survey: The ten most annoying moments in the bathroom
Schiltach, May 2019. The bathroom is the place to wake up in the morning or wind down after an exhausting day. It should be a welcoming, feel-good space — but there are a few things that put a damper on people’s good mood when using the bathroom. A representative population survey conducted by Hansgrohe, the globally active manufacturer of faucets, showers and shower systems, reveals what bothers Germans most when it comes to the bathroom environment.

For the Majority of Germans, Lack of Hygiene and Stuffy Air Are the Two Most Frustrating Factors
Be it hair in the washbasin, dingy towels or a dirty bathroom — the majority of people in Germany say that lack of hygiene in sanitary facilities is the thing that bothers them most. Dirt, limescale and mold are particularly off-putting to 89 percent of Germans. Another major source of annoyance is a lack of ventilation options. Whether they are in a hotel, at a friend’s house or at home — four out of five Germans (80 percent) don’t like fogged up mirrors and clouds of steam that make it difficult to see after a shower or a bath.

Aggravations Lurk in What Should Be a Relaxing Shower Experience
“Our goal is to always make sure the bathroom experience is in line with people’s needs and wishes. That’s why we have to find out what the sources of discontent are. Only in this way can we introduce innovations that create the very experiences that provide relaxation,” says Jan Heisterhagen, Vice President Product Management at Hansgrohe SE. This is precisely the kind of relaxation many people in Germany experience when taking a shower — or at least it should be. But, just turning on the water is already a source of aggravation for more than three-quarters of Germans — 78 percent are annoyed by low water pressure. And many Germans aren’t very patient when they are in a hurry and want an invigorating shower: 70 percent of the survey’s respondents are angered by having to wait for water to reach the desired temperature. Another problem, especially prevalent in hotel showers, infuriates about two-thirds of Germany’s men and women: 64 percent would like to decide for themselves whether they want to get their heads wet or not; they therefore dislike fixed showerheads that are mounted either too low or too high. Many encounter another annoyance when they step out of the shower: 72 percent of Germans find room temperatures that are either too cold or too warm very unpleasant.

Bathroom Sharing and Fixtures Rarely Pose a Problem
Of those surveyed, less than half reported being dissatisfied with the bathroom’s furnishings and fixtures. Forty-three percent feel frustrated when the bathroom’s lighting doesn’t match their mood or when they are greeted by harsh lighting early in the morning. Another 43 percent need peace and quiet to relax and are annoyed when their time in the bathroom is disturbed by unpleasant noises. On the other hand, 70 percent of Germans find the lack of shelf space for towels, soap and other things very annoying. But when it comes to sharing the bathroom with their partners or family members, only 20 percent mind using the bathroom with their loved ones at the same time.

The Ten Biggest Annoyances in the Bathroom
What bothers you most when you use a bathroom (at home, at a friend’s house or in hotels)? Annoys me greatly / annoys me…

Ranking          Percent           Annoyance

1st place                89.4%          Dirt, limescale, mold
2nd place               79.5%          Lack of ventilation (no windows or vents)
3rd place                78 %            Low water pressure
4th place                72.3%          Uncomfortable room temperature (too cold / too warm)
5th place                70.7%          Not enough shelf space
6th place                69.5%          Waiting for the right water temperature in the shower
7th place                66.4%          Dripping faucets
8th place                63%             Showerheads that are either too low or too high
9th place                55.7%          Squeegeeing the shower walls after taking a shower
10th place              53.2%          A shower spray that is either too strong or too gentle

About the survey
This survey was conducted by the Hansgrohe Group together with INNOFACT AG, a marketing research institution. A total of 1.005 people between the ages of 18 and 69 were surveyed. The distribution of age and gender of respondents in this sample is representative of the German population. The independent online survey was conducted in February 2019.

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