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Hangover Breakfast + Hangover Shower = Hangover Cure?

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Schiltach, September 2018. Sunday morning. A throbbing headache, feeling groggy, worn out and weak? There are many tips and tricks to get rid of a hangover as soon as possible after a long night out. The right breakfast, fresh air and lots of water. This helps both inside and out: a shower after a long night of drinking can truly work wonders. But what is the proper way of showering to feel good again as fast as possible? Hot or cold? Long or short? Or is a bath better?

Really brave people take an ice-cold shower the morning after. It definitely wakes you up and gets your circulation going again. But not everybody relishes the idea. On the other hand, showers that are too hot are best avoided, as they tend to make you feel tired and weaken your body even more – and taking a hot bath with a hangover is a definite no go. Even if we associate soaking in a hot bath with relaxation and relief, it is actually really hard on the body’s circulatory system, already weakened by a night of partying.

A contrast shower, which alternates hot and cold water, offers the ideal solution. It stimulates blood flow and jump starts circulation. It is best to finish a contrast shower on cold, starting with the feet and then moving upwards. The Unica Comfort shower bar, which doubles as a grab handle, provides the support you need in the shower in case you’re feeling a little unsteady on your feet the morning after. hansgrohe Select technology makes it easy to switch spray modes at the touch of a button. After all, taking a shower should be as easy as possible after a hard night of drinking.

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Laura Dietrich
PR Manager hansgrohe Brand