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hansgrohe Pontos provides comfort and security for your home
Schiltach, May 2020. hansgrohe Pontos brings peace of mind to everyday life. The water management system increases the comfort and health of your home by monitoring important ambient factors such as room temperature and humidity levels. At the same time, Pontos protects your home by preventing costly water damage.

Pontos Scout – Smart Water Sensors

The Pontos water management system protects your home in two ways. The easy-to-install Pontos Scout sensors are positioned in strategic spots on the floor and then activated via the hansgrohe home app. Once in place, Pontos Scout monitors humidity levels and room temperature. If it detects a leak or a freezing pipe, it notifies you immediately by sending a flash alert and a push notification to your phone. That means that Pontos Scout not only gives you early warning of the threat of potentially serious damage to your home, but also improves quality of life, for example, by monitoring humidity levels in children’s rooms and the right ambient temperature for storing food and wine in the pantry.

Pontos Base – The Water Manager

Pontos Base is the second component of the Pontos system. The unit is connected to the water main and continually checks the pipes for irregularities in water consumption, which could be an indication of leaks. In the event of damage, it automatically turns off the water supply and immediately sends an alert to your smartphone. The display on the Pontos Base also indicates any irregularities. You can then check on the situation and call a plumber or, if everything turns out to be alright, you can turn the water supply back on using the app or the display on the base itself.

But Pontos Base can do even more: it monitors water consumption and uses the data to generate comprehensive statistics on your smartphone, helping you use water efficiently. It also provides valuable information on water hardness. The Pontos Base unit is installed between the water meter and shut-off valves and the pressure reducer and filter. It has an integrated WiFi connection, an electronic water meter, an electrically-powered shut-off valve, a pressure sensor and a display which indicates current settings and information.

The Pontos Base is connected with the hansgrohe cloud via Wi-Fi and transmits all data to the cloud. You can set maximum limits for alerts and change them directly on the Pontos Base display or using the hansgrohe home app. In case of an internet outage, the system will continue to function. The base is connected to the power supply and has an integrated battery which ensures the unit’s functionality in the event of a power failure. Should the battery lose its charge and stop working, you can manually turn the water supply on or off using the emergency key supplied with the product. This guarantees that Pontos can keep an eye on your home’s water supply at all times.

About hansgrohe

hansgrohe stands for innovative solutions for kitchens and bathrooms that combine intelligent functionality, outstanding design, and enduring quality. Based in Germany’s Black Forest region, the internationally active Hansgrohe Group sells premium products for showers, shower systems, bathroom and kitchen taps, and kitchen sinks under the hansgrohe brand. hansgrohe stands for great moments with water since 1901. With its many award-winning products, this traditional brand shapes the flow of water in the kitchen and the bathroom. Because this is where people spend the time they treasure most and experience precious moments in the interaction with water. hansgrohe stands for Smart Living applications that enrich people’s everyday lives and offer them more functionality and safety in their homes.

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Laura Dietrich
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