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Check in and Relax

hansgrohe transforms the hotel shower into an oasis of well-being
Schiltach, June 2018. Showering is wellness: hansgrohe ensures relaxation and provides a short break from the hectic pace and stress of work-related travel. In this way, an ideal day can begin with a refreshing rain shower and can end with a relaxing wellness shower.

“hansgrohe taps and showers bring together functionality, comfort and design – this combination makes them ideally suited for first-time user hotel guests,” explains Jay Phillips, Director of Sales, Global Projects at the Hansgrohe Group. “In developing new products, our main focus is always on customer experience, performance and ease-of-use: because a great shower experience is key to making a guest’s hotel stay a success. In fact, the shower is one of the most important amenities in a hotel room.”

Especially for business travellers, it is important to feel at least as comfortable in their hotel room as they would at home. Naturally, a good bed is important, but what is often overlooked is how crucial the bathroom, and the shower in particular, is to the feel-good-factor. Whether the goal is to get a fresh start to a new day, or to relax after a busy day, guests expect a shower that is at least as good as, or even better than the one they have at home.

More Fun with Water

And there are lots of ways of providing guests with a bathroom that is also a well-being space. The shower area should have both a fixed overhead shower and a flexible hand shower. This allows guests to select the type of shower best suited to their needs, and the hand shower makes it much easier for hotel staff to clean those hard-to-reach places.

The 15 different jet types that hansgrohe features in its portfolio offer guests even more options. To name just a few: the classic Rain shower for an invigorating morning shower; the RainAir spray, which washes away the stresses of everyday life; the concentrated Whirl spray for an intense massage-like effect, or the RainFlow shower cascade which brings the feel of a waterfall to the bathroom. The latest spray innovation to be introduced by hansgrohe is a special highlight – PowderRain. Moistening the skin with a shower of micro fine water droplets, it feels like a warm summer rain, recreating the feeling of showering outdoors – an experience to look forward to when waking up in the morning.

Switching between spray types is easy and intuitive – by pressing the generously-sized Select button on the shower handle or the Select paddle on the thermostat, the daily shower experience easily becomes even more pleasurable. A simple click is all it takes to enjoy one’s favourite spray mode and experience the beauty of water – for a unique shower experience that satisfies personal preferences and individual needs.

About hansgrohe

As part of the internationally active Hansgrohe Group, hansgrohe is the premium brand for showers, shower systems, bathroom and kitchen taps, as well as kitchen sinks. With its many award-winning products, hansgrohe shapes the flow of water in the kitchen and the bathroom. Because this is where people spend the time they treasure most and experience precious moments in the interaction with water. With these moments in mind, hansgrohe develops ground-breaking solutions that unite extraordinary design, long-lasting quality and intelligent features for maximum ease of use. hansgrohe turns water into an impressive experience:

hansgrohe. Meet the beauty of water.


Laura Dietrich
PR Manager hansgrohe Brand