December 2018

Quality Comes from Qualifications: The Hansgrohe Group Project Team

The Hansgrohe Group's success in the project business is the result of expert consultation and the right faucets, showers, and accessories. In an interview with Jay Phillips, Director of Sales - Global Projects Hansgrohe SE, he explains why, for him, quality in project businesses goes beyond the right product and what customers appreciate about his team. 
Head of the Hansgrohe Group project business: Jay Philipps
For Jay Philipps, Director of Sales – Global Projects Hansgrohe SE, and his team, the project business is about the best quality in terms of consultation, products, and service (Copyright: Hansgrohe UK).

Design expert, facilitator, problem solver 

"There are several translations," Jay Phillips laughs as he explains his official title of Director of Sales  Global Projects. "The three most common are probably design expert, facilitator, and problem solver." The British man is happy to be called these. These designations show him that he and the Hansgrohe Group’s international project team are more than just product suppliers. For him, they represent a special attribute.

"In the project business, i.e. when furnishing hotels, residential complexes, or cruise ships, it’s of course important that the products fit. Our customers rely on the quality of our faucets and showers, which is reflected in their design and long-lasting functionality. But the second, equally important component is the quality of the consultation," says the manager of the Hansgrohe Group's global project business. "If the project partner has the feeling that they don’t have the right contacts, that their counterpart isn’t experienced, then they’ll have no interest at all in getting to know the products. And this is exactly where our project team comes in: with intensive and qualified consulting in every phase of the project. This requires high qualifications for all of our employees involved in the project business – from our sales experts to our colleagues on the service hotline."

The successful figures in the project business speak for the Hansgrohe Group

Jay Phillips knows what he’s talking about. He has been working in the sanitation world for more than twenty years and knows what matters to globally operating customers. The concept is right, as the figures for the project business show: "In Singapore, Germany, and Great Britain, we are at the forefront with our brands AXOR and hansgrohe. Our products are installed in the homes of the world’s five largest hotel chains. Our faucets, shower systems, and accessories are in demand in more than 140 countries and can also be found on numerous cruise ships, in conference centers and exhibition halls, as well as in private houses and apartments," Jay Phillips reports. 

"A success that doesn’t come by chance."

Just what sets Jay Phillips’ project team apart? "Our partners especially appreciate our commitmentour flexibilityand the fact that they always have an experienced contact person on site. This is just as important in the planning phase of a hotel or residential complex as it is in the construction of a cruise ship. Tight schedules, limited budgets, or special product requirements often play a decisive role. Or there are last-minute changes in the specifications. It all depends on a partner that our customers can rely on and that they can always contact, from any region of the world involved."

With 33 subsidiaries  and 22 sales offices, the Hansgrohe Group is represented on every continent from South America to Asia. This is an infrastructure that is second to none in the sanitation industry and makes the company one of the few global players in the business. "The most important hubs in the project business are London, New York, Dubai, Singapore, and Hong Kong," Jay Phillips explains. "This is where the major architectural offices and hotel chains are located, where many new hotels, residential complexes, and apartments are being planned."

London in particular is a true hotspot for internationally active architects. "That's where we are with our Water Studio in Clerkenwell, right in the middle of the world of planners and interior designers, working shoulder to shoulder with them," says Phillips. 

Different projects, different requirements

Architects, designers, investors, developers, and hoteliers have different requirements than retail and craft customers. It is a matter of understanding the needs and wishes of the project partner exactly – whether in the planning phase or during construction. "We support our customers every step of the way in finding the right bathroom for them," says Jay Phillips. "We’re often involved at a very early stage in the planning phase, and provide advice regarding product selection. Due to the limited space available, a wall-mounted faucet on the sink may be better than a freestanding faucet. Or we can show how much water and energy can be saved in a large residential complex with our EcoSmart shower heads."

The AXOR collections created in collaboration with internationally renowned designers, like Philippe Starck or Antonio Citterio, are particularly interesting for luxury hotels with high design standards. "We also offer all AXOR products in special surface finishes. Interior designers in particular find this very exciting, because they can adapt the bathroom fittings to the overall style of the house," Phillips continues. "The result is bathrooms with faucets and showers in a luxurious gold look or in modern black tones. The ability to customize products and adapt them to the interior is often the decisive criterion for high-quality projects."

The right product for every project

With the large selection of faucets, showers, and accessories from both the AXOR and hansgrohe brands, the project team can alway finds a solution. And if no faucet from the product range fits? "Then there’s a custom-made product,"explains Jay Phillips. "With our AXOR Signature service, we can customize almost any AXOR product. We can extend faucet spouts and shower arms to fit the wall-mounted faucet to the extra-large vanity, and to fit the shower to the extra-high ceiling. Or we can integrate the company logo into the faucet handles to complete the individual luxury of a star hotel.

There are so many possibilities – and that is especially important for architects and interior designers. They want to live their creativity to the fullest, and need space for self-realization."

“If guests and residents like using our products in the bathroom and kitchen, if they enjoy standing under the shower, then we’ve done our job right as consultants and suppliers.”
Jay Phillips, Director of Sales - Global Projects, Hansgrohe SE
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