Otto Johannes Grohe, founder

Responsible management

Quality products, employee responsibility and a sustainable approach to the environment

Sustainable management is part of the philosophy of the Hansgrohe Group. As pioneers in the sanitation industry, the Group adopts a forward-thinking approach and seeks to achieve outstanding business results time and again. Hansgrohe offers innovative, top-quality products to inspire customers. Extensive quality management ensures that customers can continue to enjoy their Hansgrohe products for a very long time.

“The Hansgrohe Group takes its responsibility seriously, because sustainability safeguards jobs, and ensures our own competitiveness and market survival.”
Frank Semling, Member of the Executive Board

Sustainable management should not be at the expense of the workforce. Which is why the Hansgrohe Group assumes responsibility for every employee. A well-established occupational health and safety management system facilitates safe, modern working conditions. Effective energy and environmental management detects any potential environmental damage before it even occurs, with the aim of protecting the environment. Advanced manufacturing technologies and continuous process optimisation are therefore standard within Hansgrohe’s production network.

Focus on resource consumption and occupational safety

The Hansgrohe Group certainly does not rest on its laurels. Indeed, new and ambitious company goals are defined on a regular basis. By the end of 2017, at its head office in Schiltach and also at its production sites around the world, the Hansgrohe Group will:

• Increase water efficiency + 10 %*
• Increase the efficiency of hazardous waste + 5.0 %*
• Increase energy efficiency + 2.0 %*
• Improve occupational safety and the Lost Day Frequency Rate (LDFR) < 0.7

*Reference year: 2014 (measured against the tonnage of sales products)

Hansgrohe's management system drives forward plans of action and campaigns in order to systematically achieve goals. Implemented improvements which have proven effective at one site are endorsed within the production network and become standard practice. These global standards ensure the high quality of all products and services, while also guaranteeing occupational safety and the sustainable use of resources.
Experts from external inspection agencies regularly put Hansgrohe’s management system and its processes to the test. Commitment and responsibility are documented by these experts, since Hansgrohe’s management system is certified on the basis of international regulations – transparent and comprehensible to all. The Hansgrohe Group fulfils quality management requirements (ISO 9001), environmental and energy management system requirements (ISO 14001, ISO 50001), and occupational health and safety system requirements (OHSAS 18001).

Employee holding a Hansgrohe mixer

The Hansgrohe Group endeavours to make its ecological footprint as small as possible. The groundwork for this is already established at the product development stage. Here, premium-quality consumer goods which are durable and resource-friendly are conceived.

Renee Maxwell, Hansgrohe Group

The Hansgrohe Group assumes responsibility for its employees and creates safe, ergonomic working areas.

Hansgrohe solar tower in Offenburg

Hansgrohe strives for a high degree of resource efficiency and therefore sets environmental standards within the Group.

Kontakt zu Hansgrohe, Nachhaltigkeit und Verantwortung
Do you have any suggestions or questions, or would you like to give us feedback on issues related to commitment and responsibility? If so, please feel free to contact us.

ISO, OHSAS: Responsible management documented and certified

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