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Inventive genius

Innovators, inventors, spray researchers and technological masterminds 

Between 25 and 30 percent of Hansgrohe's sales revenue is generated from new products no more than three years old. This high “vitality index” makes the Black Forest bathroom specialist one of the sanitation industry's leading innovators. Hansgrohe brings a wealth of sophisticated innovations, technologies and design concepts to the market. That is all thanks to extensive research, a close customer relationship, good ideas and creative minds.

Top priority is given to customer requirements and satisfaction

Hansgrohe fits the product to the person – rather than the person to the product. Therefore the Black Forest bathroom professionals are constantly addressing the issue of what customers want and need. The company has been manufacturing timeless, future-proof and reliable products for more than 115 years, using its great expertise and extensive market knowledge. It currently holds nearly 17,500 active industrial property rights.

Jan Heisterhagen, awards ceremony


“There are no limits when it comes to beauty!” In the interview Jan Heisterhagen, Vice President Product Management at Hansgrohe SE, recounts how design concepts are developed to meet the demands of the future – and explains why there is absolutely no reason why the “cross-generation bathroom” cannot be a place of beauty.


A visit to Hansgrohe's "inner sanctum" shows why spray research involves basic research. It's fascinating to see the efforts that are undertaken in Schiltach to ensure that the products are unique and economical.

Markus Wöhrle, chief engineer of the Hansgrohe spray laboratory, in action.

The people who work in Hansgrohe's development division are not in possession of any magic formula. But the head of the spray research laboratory reveals just what it means to strive for that perfect spray day after day.

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