Hansgrohe Group company management.

The Hansgrohe Group Executive Board (left to right): Frank Schnatz, Reinhard Mayer, Christophe Gourlan, Frank Semling, Thorsten Klapproth (Chairman), Hans Jürgen Kalmbach ©Hansgrohe SE

Company management

Sustainable management at all levels

Hansgrohe sees itself as a champion of the value of water. Even the founders had a passion and sense of responsibility for this sensitive and precious element. Today, this appreciation of water provides the foundation for a sustainable company policy. For instance, the Hansgrohe Group is involved in manufacturing eco-friendly, quality products and in-house environmental protection. At the same time, it promotes the interests of its workforce and society.

Sustainable management is a strategic priority at Hansgrohe, and it is measurable and fully comprehensible along the entire value chain. For the Hansgrohe Group’s executive team, sustainable management is the driving force for continuous improvement in all the corporate divisions, and it provides the basis for long-term success. Ultimately, sustainable management is a key factor in improving cost structures and efficiency.

Every year, the challenge is to balance economic success, social responsibility and environmental protection - to keep customers inspired, to ensure increased awareness with regard to the prudent use of water and other valuable resources and to guarantee that the company remains competitive.

Around 5,000 employees all over the world have dedicated themselves to achieving this task, using their extensive expertise. In this regard, they are systematically guided by a company policy that is far-sighted.

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