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Sustainability at Hansgrohe: News and Events

Here we provide information about the milestones of our sustainability activities. This includes product or company news, as well as participation in fairs and festivals.

Hansgrohe Group Receives German Sustainability Award 2024.
“Pioneer of Transformation”: Hansgrohe Group Receives German Sustainability Award 2024

Always Well Informed: News on the Topic of Sustainability

We are permanently working on the further development of our sustainability strategy with a great deal of commitment and passion – new ideas are added almost daily, and project progress is constantly being made. We will reach one milestone after the other and share it here. In this way, you will always be kept up to date on new developments relating to sustainability at the Hansgrohe Group.


Hansgrohe Group: New Plastic-Free Product Packaging by End of 2025

Schiltach, Germany

Hansgrohe reaches the next milestone in its green transformation by switching to paper


Strong Signal for Regional Energy Transition

Schiltach, Germany

The Hansgrohe Group takes an important step towards the deecarbonization of production sites with badenova


Annual Report with Sustainability Report 2023

Schiltach, Germany

As a company, we regularly document our sustainability activities. We use facts and figures at regular intervals to document what we have achieved.


A New Field of Innovation for Improved Quality of Lives

Schiltach, Germany

The Hansgrohe Group strengthens social innovation projects for a dignified access to water and hygiene


ESG Strategy 2023: Successful Balance Sheet for Extensive Package of Green Transformation Measures

Schiltach, Germany

Hansgrohe reaches further milestones and receives awards for sustainability projects


Hansgrohe Group Receives German Sustainability Award 2024

Schiltach, Germany

Hansgrohe takes top position with its sustainability strategy

Close, Responsive, Transparent: Events on the Topic of Sustainability 

We see ourselves as thought leaders in the field of sustainability – in the sanitary industry, but also beyond. We seek exchange with other industries, science, companies and associations, all of which help us as a society to move forward in terms of Scopes 1, 2 and 3. That's why we regularly take part in a wide variety of events in the field of sustainability and organize events ourselves, such as the Water Symposium.

05/15/2024 - 05/17/2024

Greentech Festival

Berlin, Germany

Hansgrohe Water Symposium
Forum for Water Experts