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Jean-Marie Massaud: Inspired by the Environment

The French designer Jean-Marie Massaud has developed his own personal style of expression and a unique object design. With his pieces, Massaud wants nothing less than to improve the living spaces of the people who use them. He has succeeded in this with his bathroom collections for AXOR.

Jean-Marie Massaud, designer.
Jean-Marie Massaud wants to create better living spaces; for example, as an AXOR designer with his bathroom collections that follow the principles of nature and geometry (Copyright: Alex Dwyer for AXOR / Hansgrohe SE).

Creating better living spaces

Jean-Marie Massaud creates an unmistakable style. With it, the French AXOR designer is pursuing a goal: away from fast-moving everyday life and the constant flood of stimuli that is defining people more than ever. The designer and architect lets himself be influenced by the beauty and harmony of our blue planet. Massaud is opposed to "decadent design," which focuses all its energy on styling. Instead, he wants to touch people holistically – and create better living spaces.

Jean-Marie Massaud shows an enormous spectrum in his work, ranging from object design to large-scale architectural projects, from concept cars to the idea of a flying hotel, from unique pieces to serial products. Since 2010 at the latest, Jean-Marie Massaud has been famous worldwide for the design of his "Estado Omnilife." The spectacular soccer stadium near the Mexican city of Guadalajara is modeled after a volcano.

Functional pieces of art for the bathroom

Jean-Marie Massaud also designed his bathroom of the future, which he gave shape to in 2005 in an AXOR WaterDream as an organic landscape. From this vision came the AXOR Massaud bathroom collection. In his collection, the AXOR designer Massaud lets waterfalls bubble out of faucets and bathtubs become lakes. It’s difficult to find a more sensuous staging of the element of water.

2019 the collection AXOR Edge celebrates its premiere: a luxurious symbiosis of geometrical bodies and an ultraprecise manufacturing method. „In my collaboration with AXOR, we always seek to provide a better user experience. With AXOR Edge, we have answered the demand for refinement and uniqueness to make a sculpture out of an everyday object. More than a faucet, each product in the collection is a jewel, a masterpiece, a unique architectural object drilled from a brass block and then dressed with personal finishes. A real functional piece of art that shares your intimacy for life - that’s my understanding of luxury“, says Jean-Marie Massaud.

Massaud has received numerous awards for his designs:
  • 2007 Designer of the Year at the Salon du Meuble
  • Paris 2009 Designer of the Year, Salon M&O Now ! Design à vivre
  • 2014 Wallpaper Design Award
  • 2015 Interior Innovation Award and many more.

Roots in industrial design

Jean-Marie Massaud was born in 1966 in Toulouse, a city of contrasts with an extraordinary cultural heritage coupled with a high-tech industry. It may be this charming tension that characterizes his designs – and what attracted him to study industrial design in Paris. Here, at the École Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle (ENSCI) – Les Ateliers, he earned his degree in 1990. He began his career in 1990/91, in Hong Kong as a designer in mass production. After various international positions, Jean-Marie Massaud opened his own design studio for the first time in Paris in 1996.

In 2000, he and his partner Daniel Puzet founded the Studio Massaud for architecture and design. Here, he works closely together with several designers. Aside from AXOR, Massaud also works for top brands such as Cacharel, Foscarini, Lancôme, Paloma Picasso, Renault, and Toyota. Whether he’s designing bathrooms, perfume flacons, sofas, showrooms, or hotels: He always has his eye on progress – human and ecological.

You can find more information on the AXOR designer Jean-Marie Massaud on his website: www.massaud.com
“I believe that design can awake positive feelings.”
Jean-Marie Massaud
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