Sascha, Department Manager Hansgrohe

Mr. Willstaett

Sascha is an early bird by nature. "I start at five o'clock every morning so that I can still see my colleagues from the night shift. In addition, I can concentrate and work in peace in the morning." The FORERUNNER  started at Hansgrohe more than twenty-five years ago as a mechanic. Today, Sascha is a department manager at the Hansgrohe site in Willstätt, where he has overall responsibility for hose production, rod assembly, maintenance, and logistics.

Sascha, Department Manager at Hansgrohe.
Sascha, Department Manager at Hansgrohe.

"I came to Hansgrohe straight from the German Military," Sascha remembers. "My new managers gave me every opportunity to develop professionally from day one. I took this chance." It has always been his goal to manage a department one day. "Now it's a whole site," he says, with pride in his voice. "I have my dream job with my dream employer. Every new day is fun. I have absolutely no objection to staying with Hansgrohe until I retire."

Eight million hose - meters are produced every year at the Hansgrohe site in Willstätt. "To achieve this, I need dedicated colleagues I can rely on," says Sascha. "But I have them, no doubt about it." The head of the department is pleased not only with the excellent key figures at the site but also with the good atmosphere and team spirit. "There are a lot of talented people working in Willstätt, some of them I trained myself," he says, looking to the future: "They will all go their way."

Speaking of the future: As head of the department, Sascha obviously has team responsibility as well. "At the moment, I'm thinking a lot about the topic of vocational training. It has become difficult to find young people who want to become process mechanics for plastics and rubber technology." In fact, the job, at least in hose production at Hansgrohe, is much more exciting than people may think. "We regularly get visitors and then, of course, we also give our guests a tour of the production. They are all always extremely impressed.

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When Sascha comes home in the afternoon, he doesn't rest. "Well, sometimes I take a short nap. But after that, it's straight to CrossFit." As a former wrestler, the 53-year-old cannot and does not want to live without sweaty sports. Besides, the father of two grown-up children is rarely bored in his spare time. "I'm already a hunter," he explains. "Now I'm going to get my fishing license on top of that." But of course, that's not all. "On vacation, I walked the West Highland Way in Scotland with my family. That was so much fun."

With a wink in his eye, Sascha describes his career as follows: "I would say I took the American route." First from mechanic to shift supervisor, then after three and a half years of evening school to master craftsman and finally to department manager responsible for a site with 120 employees. The FORERUNNER is satisfied with his career path. "At Hansgrohe, if you show that you want it and can do it, all doors are open."

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