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Vocational training at Hansgrohe is outstanding in every respect. This is confirmed on the one hand by the "Top Trainer" seal by Best Place to Learn. One the other hand, appealing benefits await you here that will make your vocational training truly exciting and versatile.

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We’re not just one of the largest companies providing training in the region but also one of the best. That’s why we've received the "Best Place to Learn" award. The seal is based on 267 rankings by current and former trainees and Hansgrohe instructors and training officers. The rankings were particularly strong for the exciting tasks involved and the results of the training. The award makes us proud and drives us to continue to give the best for our trainees.
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Alles für deinen gelungenen Start 

Everything for your successful start 

Even if water is our element: we don’t throw anyone into the deep end. Instead, first we make sure that your stay with us is as positive as possible. The first day begins with our welcome meeting. We warmly welcome you and all the other new trainees and give you all the information you need to start your training.

Another highlight is the EWO. That’s our name for the special introductory week. You, your fellow trainees and the team of instructors all head off to a cabin. There, a colorful blend of nature, adventure, experience and workshops strengthen the group cohesion. That’s also where you learn more about the Hansgrohe company, with its philosophy and its special features.

Personal support

Naturally, you will be expected to independently master tasks and projects during your training. But we’ll never leave you alone. Regular feedback conversations help you develop further. And in addition to your training officers in the specialist departments, there is an entire team of experienced supervisors and guides behind you. People who can help you in all matters surrounding your vocational training or cooperative studies.

Free job ticket

A car is expensive. And bad for the environment. A better alternative is the job ticket we give you for local public transport, because it’s free. With it, you can travel by bus and tram not only to Hansgrohe but also to a meeting with friends or to your granny, whom you can then enthusiastically tell about your exciting traineeship.

Personal sponsor

You’ll have a sponsor at your side to help make your start with us a good one. This sponsor is a trainee in his or her second year. He or she will help you settle in and answer any questions you may have. Your sponsor is a trainee in the same career or a student in the same field as you are. He or she can give you great tips and tricks for your time in vocational school or university.

Trainee warm-up 

Four months before the vocational training begins, we organize our Trainee Warm-Up. This is a kick-off event where you will meet all the other new trainees and students. A benefit to you: not all of the new things will confront you at the same time on the first day of your training. You’ll also get to know your sponsor and instructors in a relaxed setting.

Individual training plan 

Your training with us is tailored to your individual situation. Together with you, we will draw up your personal training plan. Depending on your interests, you can also help decide which departments you will pass through.

Development workshops

We really want to help you advance through your vocational training. With this goal in mind, we have developed a training concept of our own. With us, you will be provided with a package of workshops and training courses tailored for your future career, a package designed to promote your personal development and to impart expertise in methods and specialist skills.

Test preparation and company tutoring

We have been training people successfully for many, many years. So we know what counts where tests are concerned. We use our experience to offer you optimal preparation for your interim and final examination. Even if there’s a topic or discipline in which you’re not particularly strong, you can count on us. We provide company tutoring to assist you and help you get back on track.

Own laptop

No office career is possible without a computer. That’s why you will be provided with a laptop as a commercial trainee or dual degree student. You can take it with you to any department or to your dual degree university. That way, you’ll be flexible and quickly networked.

Time abroad 

Take advantage of the limitless possibilities: our worldwide subsidiaries regularly tender exciting projects. As a dual degree student or as a trainee as an industrial clerk with additional qualifications, one of these projects could be yours. This is your chance to go abroad for three months.

Fit in vocational training

Your vocational training is all about knowledge, skills and learning. We’d like to make sure that the topic of health is not neglected either. For this purpose, our HansFit events are designed specifically for trainees and dual degree students – from nutrition tips to sports exercises for the workplace to workshops on stress management. In addition, health management at Hansgrohe offers lots of other courses, events and prevention campaigns. This way, you can stay fit and healthy all around.

Christmas gift

Hansgrohe has something in store for you every year: "Oh how joyfully." At Christmas, we place something under the tree to thank all our apprentices and dual degree students for their special dedication. The beautiful thing about this: you can choose it yourself from a wish list.

Excellent chances of hiring

Our goal is to hire all of our trainees and dual degree students. So if your performance is right, you stand a superb chance of launching your career with us straight away. Early on, and before your training period is over, we will sit down with you to discuss whether and how things might continue for you with us. But no matter what your path looks like: of course we’re going to celebrate successful passage of your examination in a fitting way.
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