Guidelines and standards

Quality Assurance and Quality Management at Hansgrohe

In order to ensure the high quality of our products, Hansgrohe practices careful quality management. We systematically subject all components of a product to various tests – from development to completion of a product ready for shipment. This way, we ensure that we always deliver a perfect product to our customers.

Hansgrohe quality assurance through material testing.
We subject all materials to careful testing (Copyright: Kuhnle + Knödler for AXOR / Hansgrohe SE).

Quality assurance measures

Inquiry for special releases

It can sometimes happen that, before the delivery, a supplier determines that their material does not meet all requirements. This doesn’t necessarily mean that we can’t use the material. In such cases, suppliers can request a special release from us. Our material experts in Hansgrohe Quality Assurance will then test the material and decide on its suitability for use. You can download the inquiry for special release here:


Please download the document and open it with a PDF reader.

Hansgrohe 8D report

If a material fails to meet our requirements during testing in production, we remove it from the production line immediately. If this measure significantly disrupts the production process, we will make a complaint on the material to the supplier via a notice of defects. This is done via a special form, our 8D report. In it, Hansgrohe Quality Management requires the supplier concerned to take measures to remedy defects in the material or to prevent them in the future. In the 8D report, the vendor documents, for example, their immediate measures, the determination of the cause of the error, and corrections.

Additional documents for suppliers

As a reliable partner, it is important for us as a company to inform our suppliers and other service providers in detail about all general conditions for cooperating with Hansgrohe. This way we create legal certainty for both sides and form the foundation for a lasting and trusting collaboration.

From general terms of use and contractual conditions to construction services: Suppliers and service providers can find more important documents on the topic of cooperating with Hansgrohe here.

General terms of us for supplier registration

Here you can download the document: 
  • General terms of use for online supplier registration

    PDF, 252 KB

Construction services

Here you can find all relevant documents for download:
  • Safety rules and codes of conduct for external companies

    PDF, 292 KB
  • AGB des Building Engineering: Vertragsbedingungen für Bauleistungen

    PDF, 895 KB
  • Rahmenvereinbarung für Handwerksbetriebe und Dienstleister

    PDF, 92 KB
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