Nils, Customer Service International

A Hansgroheian through and through

During his school days, Nils was already a big fan of the well-known brand hansgrohe. It was therefore obvious to him that he would later work for the company of the same name. With foresight and a clear career goal in mind, he applied two years in advance for an apprenticeship in 2017 - and was soon granted admission.  "At that moment I was absolutely happy," says the 23-year-old WAVE RIDER today. "Hansgrohe has always been number one for me."

Nils, Account Manager at Hansgrohe.
Nils, Account Manager at Hansgrohe.

In the Customer Service International department, Nils now supports major customers and subsidiaries from Eastern Europe. "I answer customer inquiries, take care of offers, orders, and plenty of other things that occur when exporting." He doesn't speak Russian, but communication still works smoothly, he assures. "The language of negotiation is English, which is no problem for me. If this fails, I also have Spanish to offer," the young man explains and laughs.

The vocational training program at Hansgrohe enjoys a great reputation among young people - which Nils considers to be entirely justified: "My contacts from the talent factory were always there for me and supported me in experiencing as much as possible during the training program." Once, he says, he was asked by his classmates whether he actually works at all with all the training courses, workshops, and team events. " Of course, that was a joke on their part. But it's true: Hansgrohe supports young people enormously. For example, I spent three months as a vocational trainee at the Hansgrohe subsidiary in London."

In the element: Hansgrohe employees.

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You want to contribute your ideas? Then you're in your element at Hansgrohe. Because here you'll get more than just a job – you'll have plenty of room to try things out, create or digitize. Discover your career opportunities at the world-famous company from the Black Forest.

Even though Nils generally enjoys traveling, he still likes to return to Hofstetten in the Black Forest. "I'm definitely a home-loving guy and also like to be out in nature with friends - hiking, biking, and things like that."  But his great passion is and remains soccer. As an active player and youth coach at SC Hofstetten, he spends up to five evenings a week at training or matches. "My girlfriend isn't always thrilled by that. But I can rely on her support."

In his private life, Nils is in his element, especially when it comes to soccer. But what about his profession? "I think it's nice that you can contribute actively with yourself and your talents at Hansgrohe - and that this commitment is also encouraged." For example, he was part of the Hansgrohe social media team and provided exciting insights to potential applicants, especially via Instagram. "It was a perfect fit," he says proudly. "Simply because I can identify myself strongly with Hansgrohe."

Nils can't say yet how long he will stay with Customer Service International. "There are so many things I am interested in - marketing, SAP processes, our InnoLab in Schramberg. Hansgrohe really offers young people so many amazing opportunities." However, one thing is absolutely clear to the young WAVE RIDER "I am and will remain a true Hansgroheian."

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