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Flowing Career Change

Mary Grace came to Germany via Saudi Arabia in 2016. Two years later, she had her first day at Hansgrohe. "At first it was still a temporary employment," says the 31-year-old Philippines native and trained nurse. But all that changed a few months ago when Mary Grace signed her new, permanent employment contract. "I'm very happy to have been hired," says the career changer. "I found a really great job here."

Mary Grace, Assembler at Hansgrohe.
Mary Grace, Assembler at Hansgrohe.
As an assembler at Hansgrohe, Mary Grace works rotating shifts. "But I like the early shift better than the late shift," says the WATER-FLOW BOOSTER, laughing. One of her favorite tasks, she says, is assembling so-called dummies, i.e. products without technical inner life for fairs and exhibitions. "Each piece has to be perfect" she claims. "So that customers are impressed and want to buy the real product right away".

Mary Grace gets along very well with her colleagues. "I have a lot of friends here at Hansgrohe." They were also happy that she was chosen as brand ambassador for the new Hansgrohe employer branding campaign, and her bright smile has been seen everywhere on posters and the Internet since then. Sometimes, she says, she almost feels a little uncomfortable when everyone asks her about her picture. "But being part of the shoot was so much fun for me. My family in the Philippines is also very proud."

Before love led her to Schenkenzell in the Black Forest, Mary Grace worked for several years as a nurse in Saudi Arabia. "That's when I met my husband." When the engineer returned to his German homeland, she decided to follow him. "My family was a bit skeptical at first. But I've settled in very well in Germany and feel comfortable. Everyone is happy for me."
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During the weeks in which she works the early shift, Mary Grace likes to dedicate herself to her hobbies. When doing CrossFit in Schramberg, the young woman regularly pushes her physical limits.  "I participated in a Pilates class once, too," she says, "but it wasn't a good fit for me." She also learned how to ski in Germany, she says. "The beginning was a bit difficult. But today I even ski the black slopes."

​​​​​​​Even though Mary Grace sometimes misses working as a nurse, she doesn't want to go back to her old job. "I like being an assembler at Hansgrohe. I have great colleagues and I enjoy my work. I'm very happy with my life." The WATER-FLOW BOOSTER can imagine working at Hansgrohe for many years. And who knows, maybe there will be a new employer branding campaign someday, for which Mary Grace will apply again as brand ambassador.
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