What does "premium" mean?

Uncompromising Quality

Anyone refurnishing or renovating a bathroom or kitchen wants to be able to rely on the fact that the fixtures will last for many years. Faucets and showers need to be made to last. We promise our customers: Products by the Hansgrohe Group have premium quality. Here, we’d like to demonstrate how seriously we take matters of quality. And how much everyone benefit from them.

A Hansgrohe branded product, carefully manufactured.
Hansgrohe brand quality lasts longer. Our products are thought-out, perfectly designed, and carefully built (Copyright: Hansgrohe SE / Nico Pudimat).

This is how brand quality works

"Premium" means that consumers can expect the highest quality in material, form, and function. Whether showers, faucets, bathroom accessories, or kitchen furnishings: all of them are seen and used every day. They should look good for a long time, be easy to use, and have a long service life. In the Hansgrohe Group, we produce exactly such products. Those who choose AXOR and hansgrohe will receive brand quality. Independent testing institutes and design juries certify our premium quality in material and design, functionality and sustainability, service and warranty. This gives our customers the joy of design, the delight of a good shower, and more comfortable kitchen work. We help them save resources. That’s why many of them are fans. And in more than 140 countries, at that.

Product quality: Safe and stable, with a long lifetime

The health of our customers is our top priority. We ensure this with carefully chrome-plated brass, phthalatic-free plastics, or temperature limitations. All products comply with the respective national drinking water standards and have all key approvals. In fact, many products by the Hansgrohe Group fulfill far more than the required standards: We have our own, higher requirements. We prefer to produce central components ourselves - in our own foundry or the cartridge plant in the Black Forest, for example.

Before the products are ready for series production, they have to prove themselves thousands of times in test cycles, stress tests, and field tests. Highly qualified employees see to meticulous quality assurance and quality management at every point. In research, development, and production, the highest standards and strict guidelines prevail in the Hansgrohe Group. Numerous certificates attest to this. Those who buy our faucets and showers can also rely on simple installation.

Design quality: Frontrunner in form and function 

The Hansgrohe Group comprises two brands: AXOR and hansgrohe. Together with world-famous designers and architects, AXOR can fulfill the most luxurious bathroom dreams. The hansgrohe brand is convincing, both functionally and emotionally. Whichever of the two brands one chooses: With us, design always means 1a functionality, ease of operation, and durability. The many accolades and design awards we have won over the decades reflect our strength of design.

The service quality factor: Demands of customers as benchmark

For all who have questions or suggestions: We are personally there for our customers. We incorporate their wishes and suggestions in the development process. Our credo: "From person to product".

Hansgrohe service quality: The bar is high

“We are there for our customers on the phone around the clock, 365 days a year. We communicate at eye-level with craftsmen callers, since we are all self-taught sanitary installers with master tradesman certificates.”
Patrick Wussler of Meisterservice | Hansgrohe Technical Service Center

Production quality: Sustainable from A to Z

More and more consumers want to buy sustainable products whose good origins they can rely on. The Hansgrohe Group is committed to environmental protection and the efficient use of resources at all of its locations around the globe. We rely on select materials, hightech, and precision and manual work in all manufacturing processes. Every production step is controlled by humans. In keeping with our tradition, these people have excellent working conditions.

Beware of product pirates!

AXOR and hansgrohe brand products are often counterfeited. Deceived consumers will be forced to accept deficiencies in quality, design, and safety. In addition, our reputation as a brand manufacturer is seriously damaged by the fact that our ideas are stolen and pirated copies disseminated. That is why it’s so important to get advice from a specialist retailer and buy the original.
Sustainable Products
Saving Water, Energy, and CO2
Protecting our Surroundings