The Bathroom of the Future Saves Water, Energy and CO2e

The Bathroom of the Future: Hansgrohe's Green Vision.
Innovative Concept Study

The Bathroom of the Future: Hansgrohe's Green Vision

We all love to take a warm shower. It makes up for the cold atmosphere that many bathrooms have. The water provides a feeling of security and retreat. We do not only use water to cleanse our bodies, it also helps us to find mental peace.

We can no longer afford all the water

Already today, many regions around the world are suffering from a serious water crisis. The current energy crisis teaches us the consequences of resources becoming scarce and expensive. Many of us are working hard every day to meet the 2030 climate targets despite knowing it will not be enough.

Consequently, we won't be able to afford such large amounts of hot water in the future.

Hence, we're acting now. We have developed a conceptual bathroom in harmony with people and nature:

Hansgrohe’s Green Vision Beyond Water: Rethinking Bathroom Culture.

The vision

Conceptually, our vision goes far beyond technological innovation and the sustainability triad of "reduce, reuse, and recycle." It's about "Rethink(ing)" – and questioning our daily routines in the bathroom.

Our goal is a sustainable change in consciousness, a new relationship with water, the body, and our daily routines.

Hansgrohe’s Green Vision stands for:

  • up to 90 percent less water consumption,
  • up to 90 percent less energy consumption,
  • up to 90 percent less CO2e emissions in the bathroom.

Additionally, we wish to address:

  • Skin-friendly body hygiene,
  • mental peace, and
  • relaxation.

The solution: regeneration with nearly no water

People's need for wellness clearly competes with the growing need to conserve water – an inner conflict for everyone. For this reason, we separate hygiene and well-being in our vision of the bathroom of the future. It allows unlimited regeneration without nearly any water.

Sneak preview: the bathroom of the future

In just one year of development, a completely new kind of bathroom was created on the basis of qualitative market research and design thinking methods. The results question and rethink existing rituals.

Green vision is a concept study with the potential to become real. Already today, the technical innovations of individual modules influence the product development of our brands AXOR and hansgrohe. Other elements are still being envisioned due to existing legal regulations.

The space for hygiene: 'Base' allows showering with only 10 litres

The space for hygiene is called 'Base'. It is a vision that combines all the modules to cleanse the body. A few square meters can accommodate a 10-liter shower, a washbasin, and a toilet stool. Each module has several functions:

  • The shower provides ph-neutral and skin-friendly water for your whole body.
  • The illuminated shower head displays how long water is available.
  • The washbasin combines three spray types; two of which use cold water only.
  • The separating toilet uses shower water to flush. It makes toilet paper redundant.

'Sphere' stands for wellness and waterless regeneration

Our vision also includes a space for wellness: 'Sphere'. It holds a place of its own in the bathroom and helps with mental regeneration. A futuristic lounge chair with a dome provides a feeling of intimacy. Instead of taking a long bath in warm water, 'Sphere' provides an experience which appeals to all senses – combining light, relaxing sounds, and essential oils mixed with warm steam.

'Sphere' is the new retreat for the home, which can be used at any time.

We solve the problems of the future – today

The innovators of the Green Vision

"Together with our long-time design partner PHOENIX we have set out to solve the bathroom problems of the future: water scarcity, climate crisis, lack of resources. The result is our vision of a modular system, which is based on the idea of the circular economy. We keep the cycles small and close them as quickly as possible. Our concept begs for discussion, for thinking ahead, and for the development of an industry concept which perhaps will be even more far-reaching."

Steffen Erath, Head of Innovation & Sustainability, Hansgrohe Group

A high distinction for special innovative strength

For the “Hansgrohe’s Green Vision Beyond Water: Rethinking Bathroom Culture“ the Hansgrohe Group received the German Innovation Award 2023.

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