Value-oriented, transparent, responsible

Managing Hansgrohe Sustainably

Managing a company sustainably is the basis for long-term success. The Executive Board and all managers at Hansgrohe act accordingly. They are guided by deeply rooted values, they create transparency, act strictly in accordance with compliance guidelines, and they assume responsibility – for people and the environment. The sustainability strategy of the Hansgrohe Group builds on this foundation. Concretely defined goals and projects make us a future-oriented company.

Managing Hansgrohe sustainably.
The members of our Executive Board – André Wehrhahn, Christophe Gourlan, Hans Juergen Kalmbach (Chairman), Frank Semling (Deputy Chairman) und Sandra Richter (from left) – always act in accordance with our values.

Basis of all Actions: Our Corporate Values

The values – passion, trust, teamwork, appreciation – are the basis of our thinking and actions at Hansgrohe. The corporate management is also guided by them. Across all management levels and departments, it is these values that guide us.

Our teamwork is based on trust and appreciation. We treat each other with respect and give each other fair, constructive feedback. We keep our word, share decisions and, where there is room for maneuver, act on our own responsibility.

In a company where all employees trust and appreciate each other, a good work enviroment can develop. At Hansgrohe, we see ourselves as a team. Each individual team member contributes his or her share to the company's success. We support and motivate each other – and are proud of what we have achieved together.

Team Hansgrohe Shapes the Present and the Future Together

An appreciative environment leaves room for the creativity and passion necessary to pursue our jobs. We perform our tasks with motivation, create new products and find solutions to challenges we face. In this way, we shape the present and future of our company together – for sustainable, steady growth.

Leading with Responsibility – a Constant Demand at the Top 

Our four corporate values guide our work. Another central component of our business activities is transparency: At Hansgrohe, we always make important corporate decisions based on clear facts. In doing so, we keep the entire company and all affected parties top of mind.

We take strict care to ensure that we always comply with legal rules and other requirements and, where possible, exceed them. Our goal: to ensure full compliance. We also expect our employees, suppliers and visitors to comply with all rules and regulations.

Ethics and Integrity at Hansgrohe

Compliance with laws, rules, and internal guidelines takes a strong priority within the Hansgrohe Group. Only if we act ethically and behave with integrity, can we protect our company, our employees, and our business partners.

Concerns or violations against our ethical standards can represent a risk for our company, our workforce, and other people. Therefore, we follow each internal and external notice of violation. If you harbor a suspiscion, or want to submit a complaint, you can contact our Masco Ethics Hotline. This reporting channel can also be used for complaints about violations against human rights and environmental law. The description for this procedure contains information regarding specific fields where violations can be reported. Below you can find the downloadable document. 

We have set up the Ethics Hotline together with our parent company Masco Corporation. For further information, please visit the following website:

Human Rights as a Guiding Principle (Mission statement)

For us, sustainable company management includes not only value orientation and full compliance, but also assuming responsibility for people and the environment.

At Hansgrohe we adhere to the mission statement and the Masco Code of Ethics for all themes concerning human rights. Fulfilling these standards is our obligation and deep conviction.

We Take Responsibility for Human Beings

Our corporate values, the mission statement on human rights, and the Masco Code of Ethics are fundamental to collaboration. Full compliance with these guidelines is our obligation as a company.

Hence, we take responsibility for our employees by creating a safe work environment. An environment that motivates, inspires and promotes.

Our employees are at the center of everything we do. However, we are also committed to the human beings that surround us. As a company, we see ourselves as part of society. So it goes without saying that we are committed to living together in peace. A coexistence based on solidarity, tolerance and diversity. Hansgrohe makes a strong commitment to its workforce and society.

As a company we fulfill our corporate social responsibility (CSR). The associated principles apply to the entire Hansgrohe Group. In the document below you will find more details.

We Take Responsiblity for the Environment

We humans are a part of "the big picture". We bear responsibility for what surrounds us. Environmental protection is therefore a top priority at Hansgrohe. This is the only way we can ensure a sustainable future worth living in. One element is of particular importance at Hansgrohe: water.

Even the company's founder Hans Grohe and his descendants had a great passion for water as a precious resource worth protecting. To this day, this appreciation forms the basis for all important decisions at the top of the company. Our commitment to environmentally friendly products and to environmental protection in our operations is a logical consequence and a matter of the heart.

On Behalf of the Planet: Sustainability Strategy of the Hansgrohe Group

We take responsibility for people and the environment. This demand on ourselves, on our thoughts and actions, is deeply anchored in the Hansgrohe Group. The foundation for this was laid by Klaus Grohe, son of the company founder Hans Grohe. As early as the 1980s – long before "sustainability" was on everyone's minds – Klaus Grohe made sustainable company management a maxim.

Tirelessly Committed to a Sustainable Future

Since 1987, we have been stringently pursuing the path towards green transformation. In 1987, Klaus Grohe launched the Mistral Eco, a hand-held shower that ensured 50 percent water savings. Since then, we have been achieving milestone after milestone: with water- and energy-saving products that simultaneously help reduce CO2e emissions.

The goal of our sustainability strategy is to conserve, within our sphere of influence, all the resources that are becoming increasingly scarce on earth or whose consumption is fueling global warming. We are pursuing the 1.5 degree target of the Paris Climate Agreement. Our actions are aligned with the well-being of the planet. This is also expressed in our mission statement: IN TOUCH WITH OUR PLANET.

And because the world is constantly changing, we are relentlessly taking on every new challenge that climate change brings.

Concrete and Targeted: Ten Initiatives for Sustainable Business Operations

Strategies are nothing without the measures that follow. Our commitment to sustainability is made concrete within the following fields of action:

A team of sustainability experts from the Hansgrohe Group has defined ten initiatives with concrete objectives and projects that contribute to the three fields of action mentioned above. These include the initiatives

  • green production,
  • green packaging,
  • green products and
  • our social commitment.

We regularly publish news about the various initiatives on the "News and Events" page.

We Act – with Team Strength and Expertise

The green transformation of the Hansgrohe Group is managed and driven by a wide range of employees. In our opinion, only close cooperation across departments can bring us closer to our goals. The main persons and departments responsible are:

  • Chairman of the Executive Board: On the Executive Board, the Chairman is responsible for the subject of sustainability. He works in close collaboration with the Head of Innovation Management & Sustainability.
  • Head of Innovation & Sustainability: The four areas of Green Company, Innovation Management with the InnoLab, Social Innovation, and Start-up Engagements fall under the responsibility of the Head of Innovation Management & Sustainability.
  • Green Company Team: We founded the Green Company team in 2020. The members of the core team are dedicated to defining and implementing our sustainability goals and measures.
  • Green Company Board: In 2023, we also established a Green Company Board, which coordinates management functions between the CEO and the various working groups that form part of our ten strategic Green Company initiatives. The Green Company Board convenes four times a year and discusses ideas, projects, and the status of their implementation.
  • Green Experts: In order to promote knowledge about sustainability across the workforce, the Green Company team established the Green Expert program. Through lectures, network meetings, workshops and self-study, interested employees can educate themselves. In the end, they can apply the newly acquired knowledge to their own work.
  • Public Affairs: In 2022, we established a Public Affairs Department with the goal of using our professional expertise in industrial production and our profound knowledge acquired from operational practice to be a competent and constructive dialogue partner for politicians, authorities, and members of civil society.

You would like to know more about the work of our experts? In our latest sustainability report  you can find additional information.

Corporate Policy and Memberships

Find here the most important guidelines of our corporate policy and a list of our trade association and industry organization memberships.

Member of Europe's largest Network for Sustainable Building

"Sustainable is the new normal" – a guiding principle which the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) proclaimed for its 10th anniversary in 2017. The DGNB is an independent non-profit association. Over the years it has developed into Europe's largest network for sustainable building.

The sustainability approach that the DGNB pursues with all its activities is based on three pillars: Economy, Ecology and Social.

More than 2,300 member organisations from all areas of the construction and real estate sector have expressed their trust in the DGNB. The association was officially founded in 2007 by 121 founding members, including Hansgrohe.

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