From Antonio Citterio to Phoenix Design An overview of our external design partners: Get to know the creative minds behind the products of AXOR and hansgrohe here.
AXOR and hansgrohe designers.
What We Rely On

AXOR and hansgrohe's External Design Partners

Philippe Starck is the creative mind behind the AXOR Starck collection. Phoenix Design designs showers and faucets for the brands AXOR and hansgrohe. Nendo designed the AXOR LampShower; Barber & Osgerby the AXOR One shower control. Here, we present our external design partners and describe why they are among the best in their fields.

From a variety of industries, disciplines, and cultures

They are industrial designers, experts in interactive design, architects, or interior designers: the designers of the AXOR and hansgrohe brands. Since the early seventies, the faucet and shower specialist from Schiltach has relied exclusively on external design partners. And successfully, at that! Together with these partners, Hansgrohe has evolved into a leading company in the bathroom and kitchen industry in innovation, quality, and design.

Our external design partners include studios from Italy, France, Japan, Sweden, Great Britain, and Germany. This colorful mix provides valuable impulses from a wide variety of industries, disciplines, and cultures. Their inspirations flow into our work, among other things, through the creative, interdisciplinary dialog within the framework of the AXOR WaterDreams. This is where ideas for the bathroom of the future are born. In this project, AXOR offers designers like David Adjaye, GamFratesi, Werner Aisslinger, Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, or up-and-coming designers from the famous École cantonale d'art de Lausanne in Switzerland a platform for visionary conceptual studies. These are incorporated into the development of our faucets, showers, and accessories of tomorrow. Our designers challenge us every day with their avantgarde creations and ways of thinking, and often go to the limits of what is possible.

A longstanding recipe for success in excellent products

We’ve already been working with many of our design partners for years. They know us well and know about our requirements. At the same time, over the years a design culture has evolved in the company that’s needed when working with these experts in their field. Because only when designers, technicians and industry experts work together at eye level can design products be created that give lasting pleasure and function – designed with the best creative people in the world.
Reinvented the Bathroom

Philippe Starck: Design Visionary

Philippe Starck: Design visionary.
Creates Functional Pieces of Art

Jean-Marie Massaud: Keeping an Eye on the Context

Jean-Marie Massaud: Bathroom and nature.
Top Design for Bathroom and Kitchen

Phoenix Design: 30 Years on Board

Phoenix Design: 30 years on board.
Multifaceted Spaniard

Patricia Urquiola: Master of Style Fusion

Patricia Urquiola: Master of style fusion.
Elegance in the Bathroom

Antonio Citterio: Italian Design

Antonio Citterio: Italian design.
Focus on Bathroom Users

Barber & Osgerby: Interactive Design

Barber & Osgerby: Interactive design.
Experimental and Magical

Front: Designers from Sweden

Front: Designers from Sweden.
Japanese Design Studio

Nendo: Creativity with a "Wow" Effect

Nendo: Creativity with a "wow" effect.