Marcel, Trainee Innovationsmanagement at Hansgrohe

A Designer on His Way to Schiltach

Marcel's home is around 300 kilometers away from the Hansgrohe Headquarter in Schiltach. Nevertheless, the IDEA SPARKLER from Aschaffenburg (northern Bavaria) is familiar with AXOR and hansgrohe since his childhood. "My father is a plumber," he is proud to say. "From an early age, I have been in contact with the showers and faucets from the Black Forest."

Trainee at Hansgrohe: Marcel.
Marcel works as a trainee in the Hansgrohe Innolab in Schiltach.

About two years ago, Marcel was unaware that Hansgrohe in Schiltach does not have an own design department. "I had no idea" admits the 25-year-old, who was studying industrial design at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences at the time. "I simply applied and hoped that I could complete my internship semester at Hansgrohe." And it was successful - even though no vacancy was officially published. "I couldn't believe it at first" he smiles.

During his internship in the Hansgrohe Innolab, he is offered the opportunity to write his final thesis there as well. Thus Marcel started a bachelor thesis on the subject of "Health & Wellbeing". After successful completion, he started his career as a trainee in innovation management. "Developing the future of Hansgrohe at the InnoLab in Schramberg? I didn't have to think twice about that."

During his traineeship at Hansgrohe, Marcel is already given a lot of responsibility: "For the Europa-Park in Rust, we developed and implemented the Hansgrohe handwashing-center within a few weeks" the IDEENSPRUDLER proudly recounts.  "I was involved in the project from the beginning, had phone coordination with the executive board and things like that." Overall, the support at Hansgrohe is ideally balanced, states Marcel. "It is the perfect mix of support and independence". 

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Although he works in Schramberg, Marcel deliberately moved to Schiltach. "I think it's good to not live close to the office," says the 25-year-old. "It allows me to unwind and concentrate on my hobbies." He has more than enough of those: In addition to sports of all types, he likes to work on his car and runs his own small fashion label. "Sometimes I think I am doing a bit too much," says Marcel and laughs.

For his professional future he has a clear goal in mind: "I don't want to be perceived just as a designer." As the tasks in the Hansgrohe InnoLab are so diverse, the IDEA SPARKLER often works on several projects at the same time. By continuing with his thesis topic, he is already able to manage his first projects himself. "I experienced how much fun it is when I worked for my father." But if Marcel could chose, his job should not only be fun, but also meaningful. "No matter what new thing we develop at Hansgrohe, we always do it for the people."

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