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Employee Development at Hansgrohe: the Company as the CAMPUS

Lifelong learning – a phrase often used by companies, but rarely put into practice with good curricula. Things are different in the Hansgrohe Group, which invests in further developing its employees over the long term and has transformed large areas of work life into the CAMPUS. Here you’ll discover how talented minds across all areas of expertise qualify and develop at Hansgrohe. Day after day.

Training for everyone: with CAMPUS, Hansgrohe has created an innovative world of learning available to all employees.

What is the Hansgrohe CAMPUS?

Learning, teaching, and networking are key elements of the daily work at Hansgrohe. Whether it’s in the lecture hall or online, the CAMPUS offers an unlimited field of learning, where personal interaction is just as important as virtual voyages of discovery. Professional development is part of the job at Hansgrohe, with all employees continuously qualified and upskilled. In other words, everyone plays an active role in the learning process and experiences firsthand and helps shape the company strategy.

Career training 4.0: Hansgrohe becomes a learning organization

CAMPUS integrates, promotes, and activates everyone: manager and trainee, master craftsman in sanitation and college graduate, shower installer and sales director. CAMPUS is like a living organism in which knowledge is shared in a flash and information is always in a state of flux. Various departments work hand in hand to pursue shared goals, which always requires you to look beyond your own responsibilities and see the big picture. Keywords: interdisciplinary exchange and cross-functional networking. This approach to expanding expertise during working hours is popular with employees, provides them with what they need to succeed, and prepares the company for the future.
“In an age when the competition is growing ever stronger, it’s all the more important to learn faster and better. CAMPUS is a place of inspiration where participants can gather and learn through a wonderful interactive process.”
Professor Oliver Gassmann, University of St.Gallen, Switzerland

Dynamic learning platforms and training workshops without limits

Employee development is varied at Hansgrohe: CAMPUS offers its employees a whole host of learning and teaching formats during working hours. The range includes:
  • Deep dives, skill and tech talks,
  • Webinars and online learning,
  • Workshops and keynote speeches,
  • Coaching and video conference calls on international lectures.
External speakers and company professionals alike have the opportunity to share. As a global player in the bathroom and kitchen segment, Hansgrohe goes even one step further with its unconventional thinking and says: everyone is an expert at Hansgrohe and shares their knowledge. Whether online or offline.

Employee development also means exciting motivation from experts

Hansgrohe also engages keynote speakers in a variety of disciplines, who bring valuable expertise to the company. Lecturers from renowned universities such as St. Gallen and Munich provide exciting scientific input in seminars. Conversely, Hansgrohe creatives visit other innovation leaders to find inspiration in the successful models of other industries. Even the learning culture behind the scenes is dynamic: assessors and sponsors provide expert support and oversee employee development at Hansgrohe.
“At Hansgrohe, we believe in advanced learning in order to be able to deal with constant changes in the environment. This is how we remain fit for the future. With the Campus, we have established a unique learning culture for this purpose. Learning new things, developing further and having fun with it – this is an integral part of our everyday life.”
Anja Wieland, Team Lead Employee Development & Campus, Hansgrohe SE
Personnel development at Hansgrohe, CAMPUS logo.

CAMPUS: Systemized Knowledge Modules

The Hansgrohe CAMPUS has a colorful approach, with participants constantly reshuffling their knowledge – in an unconventional, multilayered way.

“With the CAMPUS, we’ve created a learning culture that will allow us to share our knowledge and thus make learning simple and a matter of course. CAMPUS creates new networks that reveal novel ways to successfully pursue shared goals together.”
Hans Jürgen Kalmbach, Chairman of the Executive Board, Hansgrohe Group
Careers at Hansgrohe.

Employee development for newbies

Cramming is out; expanding horizons and networks is in

How would you like to continue training all year and work in interdisciplinary teams? At Hansgrohe, you can grow professionally and personally. Whether you eat, sleep, and breathe bits and want to make waves with us as a digital transformer, or you’re a female manager who knows all the tricks of the trade.
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