What does "innovative" mean, anyway?

New Technological Developments at Hansgrohe

Since 1901, Hansgrohe has been developing products that make life more beautiful and more comfortable. As a leading company in the sanitation industry, we are constantly producing new technical developments for the bathroom and kitchen that delight customers all over the world. This innovative strength also applies behind the scenes: The Hansgrohe Group is extremely progressive in production, logistics, and personnel development.

Innovative shower sprays and shower pleasure by Hansgrohe.
Beautiful and comfortable things around the water: People love it when things of daily use give them a good feeling. This is what Hansgrohe works on with its full innovative power (Copyright: hansgrohe/Hansgrohe SE).

Being innovative means thinking from person to product

What do consumers want? Which products are of use to them, which do they find beautiful? Successful manufacturers are distinguished by the fact that they take the customer's point of view when designing products and understand their needs. At Hansgrohe, research and development departments literally ask themselves every day what will make customers’ lives more pleasant. It’s never a question of offering trendy products that are quickly "out" again, but instead offering something progressive. And so dedicated teams of inventors and spray researchers work all year round on ideas for the future. They get products ready for market that offer customers specific added value in the long term.

Novelties, i.e. design concepts that are less than three years old, account for a considerable proportion of total Hansgrohe sales: roughly 30 percent. This is a high "vitality index" that indicates that one is never satisfied with the status quo. Precisely this is reflected in the following figures: The Hansgrohe Group holds more than 16,000 active trademark rights, and hundreds of new designs, patents, and brands are registered every year.

Which products do people want and need?

This was the question that even founding father Hans Grohe asked himself, and the conclusion he came to: They want it easier and more convenient. Under his aegis, groundbreaking innovations like the first affordable hand shower (1928) or the wallbar (1953), which made it possible to shower while standing and freed the hands, were developed. Other creations from the Hansgrohe idea factory also made bathroom history.
“The TOP 100 companies are among the most innovative the mid tier has to offer. They set new standards and leave their competition in the dust.”
Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Franke | Vienna University of Economics and Business and Scientific Head of the TOP 100 project
Today it's ideas like hansgrohe Select, which allows intuitive control of faucets and showers at the touch of a button. Or user-friendly combinations of kitchen faucets and kitchen sinks. Or breathtaking dream bathrooms by AXOR, made real together with top designers.

Several prizes and awards from independent juries confirm that the company has hit the bullseye with its new developments: whether the "Interior Innovation Award," "Innovation of the Year," or "TOP 100." The latter is awarded to the most inventive companies in the German SME sector.

Forward thinkers in production, logistics, and distribution

Innovative strength permeates the entire Hansgrohe company. The company also sets global standards in the production of its premium products. Carefully manufactured, top quality has its price, and so the Hansgrohe Group invests heavily in sustainable technologies. For example, in low-emission, environmentally friendly filter technologies in electroplating or high-quality, physical finishing processes such as PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition). The latter enables customers to have their faucets and showers manufactured desired finishes and colors.

Thorough and fast: Quality assurance & delivery service

In the Hansgrohe Group, logistics professionals ensure that customers like retailers receive the goods they order as quickly as possible, and without any detours. To ensure that all procedures and processes function as smoothly and leanly as possible, they are fundamentally automated and digitized. Quality control and delivery are also monitored and controlled by innovative digital tools.
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