The Hansgrohe Group

Supervisory and Executive Board

The supervisory and executive board of the Hansgrohe Group work together for the success of the company. The operational management is in the hands of the members of the executive board. Standing beside them is the supervisory board, which monitors the executive board’s work and represents the interests of shareholders, Hansgrohe SE, and our employees.

The Executive Board of the Hansgrohe Group.
The Executive Board of the Hansgrohe Group: André Wehrhahn, Christophe Gourlan, Hans Juergen Kalmbach (Chairman of the Executive Board), Frank Semling (Deputy Chairman), Sandra Richter (from left to right).

The governing bodies of the Hansgrohe Group

Supervisory board of Hansgrohe SE

The shareholders of Hansgrohe SE are represented in the supervisory board. The majority shareholder is the Masco Corporation, headquartered in Livonia, Michigan. The corporation currently holds a 68 percent share of Hansgrohe SE. With more than 20 subsidiary companies, Masco is one of the largest manufacturers of products for the house building and home improvement market. The company has had shares in Hansgrohe SE since 1985.

The Klaus Grohe family of Schiltach has 32 percent share of Hansgrohe SE with its administrative and holding GmbH, Syngroh.

Members of the supervisory board:
  • Klaus F. Jaenecke, Chairman
  • Jai Shah, Deputy Chairman / Group President, Masco Corporation
  • Keith Allman, President and CEO, Masco Corporation
  • Richard Grohe, supervisory board member
  • Matthias Dittmann, elected employee representative
  • Juergen Naehr, elected employee representative

Hansgrohe SE executive board

Five executive board members conduct the business of the Hansgrohe Group. Each of them has his or her own clearly defined area of responsibility. They also represent our company externally.

Members of the executive board:
  • Hans Juergen Kalmbach, Chairman of the Executive Board
  • Frank Semling, Chief Operating Officer, Deputy Chairman
  • Christophe Gourlan, Chief Sales Officer
  • Sandra Richter, Chief People Officer
  • André Wehrhahn, Chief Financial Officer
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