Simone, HR personnel development team at Hansgrohe

The Change Has to Flow

As an INFLUENCER, Simone is not a big fan of stagnation. As part of the HR personnel development team at Hansgrohe, the 42-year-old works to ensure that change happens and is embraced by the team members. "Hansgrohe is a very successful company with a strong identity," she says. "But we also deliberately want to change the way we do things."

Personnel developer at Hansgrohe: Simone.
Simone works in the personnel development team at Hansgrohe in Schiltach.

Anyone who wants to develop employees, optimize processes and make established corporate structures fit for the future should not be afraid of new challenges. Since completing her business administration studies over 20 years ago, Simone has completed several additional training courses - most recently in the area of change management. "The expression INFLUENCER fits pretty well," she says. "If I can contribute to others working well together, I've done my job."

The fact that this job has many facets, lies in the nature of things. "When it comes to personnel development, I take on several different tasks. On the one hand, I provide very specific support to employees and managers in the form of individual coaching," explains Simone.  "On the other hand, I'm also happy to pass on my knowledge to colleagues who are themselves active as trainers at Hansgrohe and would like to offer internal product training, for example." A kind of meta-coach, then? "Exactly."

Maintaining the corporate culture at Hansgrohe is also close to Simone's heart. "We're already doing a lot of good things. Nevertheless, the world of work is constantly changing, and a flexible mindset is needed." In order to keep changing things for the better in this area as well, the INFLUENCER has introduced the Hansgrohe Leadership Barometer. This provides managers not only with an up-to-date sentiment, but also with differentiated feedback from their team.  "The most valuable thing is to get into a conversation about the feedback, to align views and derive improvements," she says.

In the element: Hansgrohe employees.

Get your Career Flowing!

You want to contribute your ideas? Then you're in your element at Hansgrohe. Because here you'll get more than just a job you'll have plenty of room to try things out, create or digitize. Discover your career opportunities​​​​​​​ at the world-famous company from the Black Forest.

In her spare time, Simone loves to be out in nature with her family. "We often take hiking trips together or sometimes a canoe trip with the kids."  The mother of two children really feels at home in the Black Forest. Only recently did the INFLUENCER discover mountain biking for herself. "Actually, my bike has an electric motor," she says, laughing. "I just don't like torturing myself up the mountains that much."

One could say: Simone's life is characterized by permanent change. "I love digging into new topics, learning new things, and contributing my talents and skills to Hansgrohe in a way that benefits everyone." Of course, the next passion project is already on Simone's agenda – this time a personal one. "This summer I am taking a sabbatical. I have planned a lot for my time out, almost too much," smiles the INFLUENCER. "But it's nice that Hansgrohe supports my personal development as much as the company's."

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