Benefits along with practical experience

Benefits for students at Hansgrohe

Whether with internship, final thesis or working students: As a student, you gain valuable practical experience with us, master challenging projects and make contacts. All this is going to take you a long way. The innovative environment is just right, and so is the entire setting. Because there are lots of special benefits and offers students like you can look forward to at Hansgrohe.

Fair Company

Fairness erleben

Hansgrohe ein Fair Company Unternehmen

Mit der Zertifizierung als „Fair Company“ stehen wir für die Einhaltung fairer Arbeitsbedingungen und die Erfüllung der Kriterien hinter der Fair Company Initiative. Eine gute Betreuung sowie ein anspruchsvolles und vielseitiges Aufgabengebiet während der Praxisphase, zählen dabei grundlegend für uns zu fairen Bedingungen.

Welcome Meeting

Every new beginning is difficult? Not with us! Because we welcome all the new interns, working students and students who write their final thesis here with us together on their first working day. You will get to know us and the other students in the course of the all-day Welcome Meeting. You’ll be given all the important and organizational information along with an insight into production during a tour of the plant. To get your time with Hansgrohe off to a great start.

Rooms in the students’ residence

We know: looking for a place to live is one of the most annoying things about student life. We make it very easy for you with our 10 student rooms in a building right across the street from our Aquademie. You’ll live here along with your fellow Hansgrohe students – at a very reasonable price.

Free job ticket

We clear the way for your career. And offer you a bus ride, too. Because we give you a free job ticket for local public transport. You can use it in your spare time and on weekends, too. That’s how you can clear the way for shopping or hiking tours.

Workshops for students

Working with us gives you a tremendous opportunity to broaden your expertise, your horizons and your personal network. Our workshops for students offer a wide range of opportunities for information-sharing. Attendees at networking or internship meetings share their tasks and projects. you’ll gain new insights at the "Meet the CEO" event, too.

Regulars’ tables for students

The Black Forest is beautiful and has quite a bit to offer. Learn what this includes at the recurring regulars’ table for students. Every two weeks, you’ll have the chance to get together with the others after work in a casual setting: whether it’s pizza, ziplining, a brewery tour or something else.

Offerings around fitness & health

Water is our element. For us, though, it represents not just exciting work but also an opportunity to relax and unwind. As a student, you can also benefit from all our offerings in health management: with courses from Pilates to Power Afterwork, relaxation offerings, health lectures and campaigns around healthy nutrition.

Attractive special conditions

The work you do for us as a student will look good not only on your resume, but in your wallet, too! As a student at Hansgrohe, you benefit from our special terms for employees with renowned providers such as Audi, Apple, Expedia, Vodafone, Zalando and many more. New providers and benefits are added to the portfolio of offers every month.

Career training at the Hansgrohe Campus

We take the practical experience you gain with us and top it by adding one more thing: our Hansgrohe Campus. Here you can secure up-to-date expertise, first-hand. Packaged in events, seminars and workshops brimming with content on a wide range of topics.

Christmas present for students

Santa Claus may come from Lapland, but he still pays us a visit in the Black Forest every year. If your practical exploration with us is during the winter semester, you can look forward to a Christmas gift from Hansgrohe. The beautiful thing about this: you can choose it yourself from a wish list.
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