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Chasing the Wow Effect

Even if every new shower is different, innovation creator Feride knows: "There's always a solution." The experienced design engineer doesn't get unnerved by even the most unusual design suggestion. "After all, our products shouldn't just look good," says Feride. "They should function and offer people an exceptional showering experience. We're talking about Hansgrohe here, after all."

Design engineer at Hansgrohe: Feride.
Design engineer Feride works in the "Shower Development" team at Hansgrohe in Schiltach.
Feride's career at Hansgrohe began right after she finished school. "I dropped out of my training as an elderly care nurse," the 51-year-old says. "It just wasn't the right thing for me." At that time, she was already aware of her talents and started working for Hansgrohe in the Black Forest - the first few years in the assembly department, then after a two-year retraining as a technical drafter, in detail construction for AXOR and hansgrohe high-quality showers. "That's exactly where I belong," says Feride. 

Most Hansgrohe employees often feel like part of a big family from day one. This is especially true in Feride's case. "My father worked at Hansgrohe until he retired, and so did my father-in-law. And that's not even all the family members" Feride laughs. She met her husband many years ago in the plastic molding department. "He was the one who first gave me the idea to do a retraining. Thanks to him, I have found my dream job."
In the element: Hansgrohe employees.

Get your Career Flowing!

You want to contribute your ideas? Then you're in your element at Hansgrohe. Because here you'll get more than just a job you'll have plenty of room to try things out, create or digitize. Discover your career opportunities​​​​​​​ at the world-famous company from the Black Forest.
As a designer engineer, Feride has quite a responsible job. "I'm in charge of the complete inner workings of our showerheads." The cover comes from the design department, Feride explains. "But there's still a long way to go before the water flows and the model becomes a marketable Hansgrohe product." Besides, the innovation creator sets high standards for her work. "Whether I've done a good job becomes apparent at the latest when I try out a shower," she says. "My goal is always the wow effect."

Today, Feride can't even keep track of how many Hansgrohe showers she has developed throughout of her career. However, she will never forget her first major project as a design engineer: the first generation of the hansgrohe Rainmaker. "For the first prototype, I assembled 358 nozzles by hand. That was quite a challenge." But especially when it gets challenging, this is where the innovation creator Feride is completely in her element.
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