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Social Media Netiquette

Mutual Respect and Courtesy Online

We’re delighted that you visit our social media pages, and look forward to your stories, comments, and suggestions related to topics of the Hansgrohe Group, the AXOR brand and the hansgrohe brand.

When it comes to interacting with others, respectful communication, the toleration of other opinions, constructive feedback, and a certain level of decorum are important to us. We take your input seriously and would like to avoid deleting it at all costs. For that reason, we ask that you observe our netiquette guidelines. These guidelines are intended to ensure polite, respectful interaction with others.

We reserve the right to delete individual posts that violate the netiquette guidelines. We will report any users who have grossly or repeatedly violated these guidelines to the operator of the network in question. There is no right of publication.

Our Netiquette

  • All users are responsible for the posts they publish themselves. We accept no liability.
  • We will immediately delete any offensive, racist, defamatory, pornographic, inflammatory, or criminal statements or any statements deemed harmful to young people.
  • Discrimination and defamation are unacceptable to us and we will delete this type of content.
  • Please avoid offering commercial or private goods or services, canvassing or political advertising, calls for demonstration, campaigns, and petitions. We will remove such content – as well as any spam.

Third-Party Content

  • If our users provide a link to external websites, we reserve the right to assess the linked content. If the linked content violates our netiquette guidelines, we will delete the comment.

Comments and Interaction with Others

  • We will remove any automatically or machine-generated comments (such as those provided by bots) or block the sender. The same also applies to comments that are blatantly part of a campaign.
  • Please be factual in discussions. We will not tolerate biased and/or offensive comments.
  • Please be polite when interacting with others, which includes not provoking others with your posts. Treat others as you would like to be treated. Please be aware that the people you communicate with online are real people. • Observe copyright laws. Make sure that you have the right to distribute the content you are publishing.
  • Please observe the personal rights of others as well as the right of publicity.
  • Do not publish any personal, confidential data such as addresses or phone numbers.

Your Questions for Us

  • We always respond to your questions as soon as possible. Please understand that this may take some time, as we would like to be as thorough as possible in our answers.
Thank you for taking the time to read our netiquette guidelines. We look forward to your participation!
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