Testing the Waters: Discover Products for the Bathroom and Kitchen The best way to find the right products is to try them out, and the Hansgrohe Aquademie allows you to do just that. Experience the products of our AXOR and hansgrohe brands firsthand at the exhibition.
The Hansgrohe Aquademie: try out bathroom products at the exhibition.
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The Hansgrohe Aquademie: Bathroom Experiences

The Hansgrohe Aquademie in Schiltach offers information, experiences, and inspiration for the bathroom and kitchen. As a visitor, you can get to know the Hansgrohe company personally by exploring the exhibitions of our AXOR and hansgrohe brands. If you’re a trade partner, we can advise you on our products or you can take part in a factory tour or the seminars.

Experience Hansgrohe Live and Up Close and Personal at the Aquademie

 A visit to Schiltach is well worthwhile for craftspeople, architects, and designers as well as private persons and families. The Aquademie is located right next to the Hansgrohe Group headquarters in Schiltach, in the heart of the Black Forest. You couldn’t really get any closer to the company than this. Since the Aquademie opened its doors in 1994, we’ve been inviting anyone who’s interested to delve into the world of Hansgrohe and get to know us personally. Around 70,000 visitors make their way to us every year and take advantage of this offer.

Comprehensive Package: What Makes the Aquademie an Experience in Itself

A visit to the Hansgrohe Aquademie is its very own experience in many ways. The following awaits you

  • An exhibition with 900 square meters of space
  • Individual support provided by our Aquademie team
  • Products you can touch and try out in the AXOR and hansgrohe brand worlds
  • Test showers in the Showerworld

 The Hansgrohe Aquademie offers even more: trade partners can gain insight into our production during a factory tour. Sanitation professionals can take part in our seminars and learn about topics such as sanitation technology, bathroom design, and general design. With a tailored product consultation, we help customers find the right products for the bathroom and kitchen.

​​​​​​​Feel free to come by! We look forward to seeing you at the Aquademie.

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